His Ladydon

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Chapter 37

"Miss Cameron meet my wife Mrs Avni Neil Khanna." Neil said putting his hand on Avni's waist making Juhi's eyes widen as she did didn't knew getting married.

"Hello Avni" Juhi said forwarding her hand for a handshake , clutching her fist tightly hiding her hatred inside her.

"Hello" Avni said shaking her hand with her but then winced slowly as she grasped it tightly making Avni's delicate hand red.

"What happened Avni " Neil who heard her wince asked

"Noth..nothing" Avni said taking her hand back from Juhi making him frown but then shrugged it, maybe I had mistaken.

They all were standing when they heard the announcement inviting all the couples for a dance.

"Come Neil" Mr Cameron said holding his wife hand winking at him making him look at Avni.

"Avni " he said forwarding his hand to her.

She slowly placed her hand in his and both walked toward the dance floor and slowly started to dance with the beats.

Song - love me like you do (I like this song but you can imagine any song you like)

Neil was staring her while she was avoiding his eyes her heart was racing making her breath heavy. She didn't knew what was happening with her.

Juhi who was sitting at the bar gulp down the drink staring them and felt hurt because she liked him not from now but from last 4 yrs since she first saw him in the meeting room but now he can never be her. She didn't knew that coming to India her happiness will be turned into sadness. As in abroad when she got to know that her she had to go India for a very important meeting she felt very happy that maybe now she can meet her crush but here everything turned upside down for her. He was married. And she was not a home wrecker to go behind a married man. But also she cant forget him.

She felt anger raised inside her she didn't knew on whom? On herself, on her situation ,on Neil and lastly on Avni because if she didn't have married him then he would have became her.

Angrily she took two bottles of alcohol and came outside and started gulp down the drink not realising that how much she drank.

Avni after dancing a little got tired due to her weak health came at the out for some fresh air while Neil again got busy in his business talk.

Reaching near the garden Avni saw Juhi standing outside in an isolated place drinking one after one. She already looked drunk.

Should I stop her?

But what if she got angry but also I cant let her drink so much.

Thinking for a while Avni slowly moved near her.

"You shouldn't be drinking so much" Avni said standing beside looking at the moon with her.

Juhi who was drinking while staring at the moon turned hearing her voice.

"So now you will also not let me drink " Juhi said drinking from the bottle.

"Everyone have pain, anger and frustration but it doesn't mean that we all should start drinking." Avni said turning her gaze toward her.

"And who are you to lecture me" Juhi asked angrily.

"Just a stranger with whom you can share your problem." Avni said holding her wrist to stop her from drinking more.

"Why should I do that.? "Juhi said angrily jerking her hand.

"It will give you relief. But if don't want to share then I will not force you but please don't drink." Avni said making her laugh sarcastically.

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