Confused Avni

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This book is originally published on Wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 33

Lying  on the other side of the bed ,Neil turned toward her who was lying on the farthest side of the bed, that if she even moved a little she's goanna fell down.

Should I make her lay properly but what if she will wake up.

But I can't let her fall also.

Then what should I do??

Pillow! Yeah pillow will help and she will also not wake. Yeah it will right.

Getting up from his side he placed the pillow on the ground.

Now it will be okay.

Smiling to himself he again laid on his side, closing his eyes.

Avni who felt him slowly opened her eyes, when a lone tear fell from her eyes staring at the pillows. Turning toward him she saw him sleeping peacefully.

Neil, why are you doing this.?

Why this sudden change? Why??

Please dont do this I....I can't be able to control myself . Please.

Getting up from her side ,she sat near the window staring at the sky , lost in her thought.

Next morning Neil wakes up from his sleep due to a bad dream in which someone close to him was going away, he couldn't saw the face but felt restless.

Opening his eyes he turned toward her side only to find it empty. Sitting up he glanced at the watch which showed 6.

Where did she go this early?

Looking around the room suddenly his heart skip noticing her sitting in the balcony busy in her books. Some hairs were falling on her face making her look more beautiful than she already was.

Her face was shining due to the sunrays falling on her face.

Unknowingly he started moving toward her.



Avni after waking up at 4 opened her eyes to found herself in a unknown surrounding but then remembered yesterday's incident that she was in his room.

She tried to get up only found herself falling back that's when she noticed or we can say felt some weight on her chest. Lowering her lashes she found him sleeping putting his head on her chest making her freeze. His hands were on her waist his hairs were touching her chin.

What...what he's doing?? I...i nee..need to remove him.

She tried to remove him from her but he was caging her tightly. Taking a deep breath she first remove his right hand from her then left hand. Then she slowly slipped away from him keeping a pillow in her place.

Getting up she stood there staring him sleeping peacefully then turned away from him toward the restroom.




"Good morning" he whispered huskily near her ears from behind making her startled.

Avni who was lost in her book hearing someone's voice jumped in her place.

"You scared me" she said turning toward him, putting her right on her chest breathing heavily. Not realizing the closeness between them while he got lost seeing her so close to his face when he heard her.

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