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7 years later.

In a hospital we can see many nurses and ward boys rushing here and there. Doctors were standing together while the senior management where trying to contact senior surgeons. Tension was evident in all their eyes , reporters were recording the whole scenery while police officers trying to control the situation.

The news was spread all over the social media handle and all-news channel where showing only one headline.

That what's going to happen next??

"Sir...sir...mam" Neil PA said rushing inside his office but stopped when he saw him already watching the news.

"Latest news due to the severe heart attack the biggest Mafia leader Mr Rohan Khurrana against whom police was trying to collect proof from so many years but couldn't find was rushed to the nearby hospital. Due to the blockage in his heart urgent surgery was needed but no doctor was ready to perform it as according to them his condition was very serious and there were high chances for him to lose his life. But then one doctor came out to help him."

"According to the reports her name is said to be Avni Khanna the wife of the famous business tycoon Neil Khanna. But now question arise that what will happen next?? Will she be able to save him or her whole career will be destroyed. And also from our hidden sources we had got to know that the hospital will be targeted if anything happens to him." Reporter said.

"How can she even take such a big risk??" Neil shouted staring at the news channel.

"Avni...Avni what you have done. "Neil mumbled to himself with concern when his phone rang. Looking at the caller Id he signed.

"Hello" He said after receiving it.

"Neil Avni...what she is doing. How can you let her take such a big risk to her life? Do even realise that what will happen if anything happened to him. They will destroy her or even worse can kill her." Prakash said

"Dad I understand but don't worry. Everything will be okay till I am alive nothing bad can happen to her. "Neil said over the call.

"You just take care of mom and how's Neev" He asked.

"Your son is just like you, he's fighting with his grandma for chocolate" Prakash said chuckling looking at his grandson when he heard his voice.

"Ganpa...she...m..my...cho..choco"2 yr old Neev complained pointing at Shweta who just looked at him being shocked.

(Grandpa she took my chocolate)

Neil who too heard him smiled at his son's antics.

"Okay I will talk to you later" Neil said turning off his phone.

"Avni I am always with you. I know my Avni can never fail. "Neil said with determination but still somewhere in his heart he was scared.

Slowly OT's door opened and Avni came out.

Seeing her all the doctors along with the patient's family, rushed to her.

"Operation was successful" Avni said smiling when a woman hugged her.

"Thank you...thank you child for saving my husband. God bless you my child always be happy." the lady said putting her hand on her head.

"Please don't cry, he is okay now. And also you don't need to thank me it was my duty. You can meet him after he's been shifted to normal ward. " Avni said consoling her then went to her office.

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