His Anger her self respect

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Chapter 17

Avni was in her room studying as today is Saturday so no collage and job when her phone rang.

Avni - Hello she said after receiving it

Radhika - Hello Avni what were you doing she asked while searching her wardrobe

Avni- umm..nothing just studying she replied confusingly

Radhika - perfect she said excitedly clapping her both hand throwing her phone in air which was in her hand but then fortunately catch it on time before it fell

Avni - Radh...radhika she said not hearing her voice

Radhika - haa...haa avni she replied taking deep breath

Avni - why did you call me

Radhika - ohh...ha actually I was planning why not to go for shopping as today is weekend

Avni - no..actually i have to study she replied looking at her books

Radhika- Oh! please my studious its just for some hours and also you can study tomorrow you know

She slowly bit her lower lips while thinking then nodded

Avni - okay she said

Radhika - great then we will meet at the cafe then will leave together for shopping

Avni - Okay

Then she cut the call and again engaged in her book.

Neil was in his cabin working when suddenly the door opened and a man came in.

Neil - Finally you got time from your personal work to come here he said and upped his lashes to look at his face sternly

Man - oh! ya am late but you already know the reason why he said shrugging his shoulder

Neil - Siddharth

Siddharth - Man don't behave like a girlfriend I already have a wife and also a boy

Neil glared him if looks could kill he must be 6 no..no 12 feet down.

Neil - stop your nonsense right there I know your so called love for your wife

Siddharth - oh Ya wait I left her there I am going right know to see her

Neil - I already told you not to behave like a love sick puppy in front of me and making excuses

Siddharth - Oh Man I can't leave my wife alone there for other men's to have a chance you know he said while running out of the cabin.

Neil rolled his eyes looking at his childish behavior.

Siddharth being his business partner cum friend he always liked to mess with his mind and Neil being not a patient person and always fall in his trap , Sid took advantage of him everytime.

Earlier when Sidd was a bachelor he always used to be a playboy who never cared about anything other than his business but everything changed when he met his new secretary ,she became his first priority in everything, he started behaving like a teenage boy who can't able to live without seeing his crush even for a minute that day only Neil knew that he is a gone case .

But he never commented anything seeing the seriousness they showed toward their work without having interruption of their love life.

Neil came out of his thought when he saw Sid peeking from the door .

Sid - By the way there we have had meeting there in the restaurant near the shopping mall. So come after you finished cursing me.

Neil smiled at his way of turning things toward him.

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