Do..I love him??

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Chapter 48

Neil kissing her earlobe slowly move little lower and started to give butterfly kisses on her neck which soon started to get intense. He started to suck there hardly making Avni curl her toes feeling pleasure when suddenly he bit her neck softly making her hiss ,as her wound got streched.

Hearing her, he came into reality and parted away from her.

"Av..Avni are you okay ?"He asked moving away a little.

"Yeah."Avni said shyly not able to meet his eyes, because of the intense scene they shared few seconds before.

Both were lying together facing their back toward each other. But sleep was far away from both of their eyes. Both were remincing their moment together which they shared a while ago. One with shyness ,other with regret but not of the moment but of the time.

Neil what was the need to take such a step suddenly. Now see what happened??

Don't know what she must be thinking??

Did she slept??

Neil thought and tilted his head toward her only to face her back so he again turned his head to his side.

Avni...Avni..Avni..what were you thinking?? Why didn't you stopped him?

Now don't know what he must be thinking??

Oh god what should I do??

And now how I am gonna face him??

Stupid Avni.

Avni thoughts while peeking his side only to find his back toward her, so she again turned to her side.

Should I see again??


AvNeil thought and turned toward each other. When their eyes met making them freeze.

Both kept looking at each others eyes but their eyelock was broken by some voice outside.


And both again turned to their side.

She's awake.

He's awake.

Both smiled.

Neil was turning back and fro as he was unable to sleep, where as Avni was asleep due to the drugs.

Why I am unable to sleep??

Neil frowned staring at the ceiling.

Why they have painted all wall of same colour??

And it had many cracks also. Maybe they didn't have used good materials.

This fan its also white. Why didn't I noticed it before.

Because earlier you were not this much free to notice it.

His subconscious answered sarcastically.

Oh you are still here. I thought that you went to eat grass.

Like you are doing right now, isn't it.

His subconcious replied sarcastically.


Neil was going to reply but stopped feeling her tossing back toward him, unknowingly she placed her head on his chest with her arms wrapped around his waist ,thanx to their middle size bed which didn't allow them to make distance. He shivered feeling her soft milky white cheek touching his naked chest as his upper two buttons were open.

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