Exams and Panick Avni

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 39

At night Avni was very nervous as her exam were starting from tomorrow onwards, she had revised all the theories and practiced all the questions more than 50 times but still she was feeling nervous that even being a brilliant student ,she was feeling like she's gonna fail. Many unwanted thoughts were roaming in her mind making her restless.

I dont know anything.

What will happen to me?

What if I failed or what my pen broke in between my exam or I forgot to bring my Id or.........

No...no Avni be calm everything is gonna be alright. But....

Bappa (lord ganesh) please help me this time please please.

Avni stared at her books while roaming all around the balcony being restless. It always happens with her ,even learning a theory for more than ten time she feels like she forgot everything. Earlier Neela ma used to handle her. and canjole her that everything is gonna be alright. Even she used to sleep with her to make sure she had a proper dinner and rest as due to tention she never forgot to eat her food and wake all night to study. She was missing her she wants to talk with her but it was very late. She didnt knew how to handle herself but right now there was no one whom she could talk. She was felling panic thinking about her exams.

"Please be a little easy for me." She said staring at her books then started to study.

Neil who entered inside the room saw the balcony door open. Glancing at his watch which showed 1:30 in the morning he signed knowing very well who must be there as Neela ma had already informed him about her panic and nervousness during her exams.

Moving toward the balcony he stopped near the door watching her staring her book and mumbling to herself.

"You know what why you have be so tough haa why you always does this to me. You know I study you daily but still you become different on my last day before exam. Why hmm tell me I wants answers why you people does this to me." She said staring her all books while walking restlessly.( Does this happen with you too. As it always happens with me:))

"Do you guys even want me to become doctor hmm...tell me? " She said narrowing her eyes at them.

"You all are bad very bad" She complained then sat and again started to study.

Like this she was complaining to all her books in between her studies making Neil who was listening her every complain very keenly trying to control his laugh from last half an hours burst while laughing ,making her widen her eyes at him.

From how much time he's here?


"Bitter guard really Avni" he said laughing while Avni just kept staring him as it was the first time he was laughing in front of her otherwise she just had saw him being ignorant or angry except some occasional smiles.

"You know it's not good to eavesdrop someone "Avni said

"Oh! That someone is my wife, and I have every right to know about her each and everything. No one can stop me from doing that including you" Neil said in a serious tone making her feel uncomfortable.

I am sorry Neil for hiding it, but believe me it's not the right time now.

I promise I will tell you soon everything soon and I hope that you will forgive me for it..

"I. Need to study" saying this Avni lowered her lashes toward her book.

"No it's too late now, come let's sleep" he said glancing at his watch which showed 2 in the morning.

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