Clearing things out

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 47

Neil wakes up with a jerk from his sleep ,feeling a stinging sensation on his cheek. Upping his lashes he saw Atharv sitting on his tummy.

"Bis..bistid" saying this Atharv laughed loudly while clapping his both hand.

"What the..."He was going to say but stopped hearing someone's laugh. Turning his gaze he saw Sid laughing.

"You father son duo are soo mo.."He was going to curse but then stopped lowering his lashes at Atharv.

"What are you doing here this early??" Neil asked while getting up carefully to not to wake Avni and made Atharv sit on his place.

"Oh Mr Khanna it's not early it's 10 already so wakeup from your sleep. And what were you doing hmm ,atleast control yourself till she get discharge." He said last sentence while eyeing him naughtily.

"What control?? I..I was just sleeping." Neil said

"Ohh yeah..yeah I saw" Sid said.

"Anyways tell me what are you doing here??" Neil asked trying to avoid his question.

"Not only me but your parents and my Mehu had also came. You should thanx me that I didn't let them enter before clearing the scene. Otherwise you know what I mean" Sid said

"There was no scene, I was just sleeping." Neil said

"Ohh yeah.." Sid was going to say but stopped when his parents and Mehak entered.

" Neil child how are you??And did Avni waked??." Shweta asked caressing his cheek then looked at Avni whom Atharv was kissing trying to wake her and smiled with others who too noticed the scene.

Seeing everyone smiling looking at Avni Neil turned toward her only to get shocked. There Atharv was patting her cheek softly while kissing her other cheek Neil smiled at him but then frowned remembering.

Wow.... he gave me a slap to wake me up and to her he's kissing her. How can he??

Neil glared at Atharv when he saw her waking up.

Feeling someone patting her cheek Avni slowly opened her eyes and saw Atharv sitting beside her; near her head.

Seeing her opening her eyes Atharv gurgled happily in his babyish voice.

"Bibi...bibiful" Atharv said clapping his hand while jumping on his place sitting on the bed.

"Athu..." Avni said smiling

" how are you" Avni said and was going to sit when Neil rushed toward her to help her in sitting then made him sit on her leg to which he gurgled answering her. Smiling at him Avni upped her lashes only to notice them all standing there.

"Mummiji ,Papaji , Mehak, Sid " Avni whispered

"You all here" Avni said

"Yes child how are you??You know how much you scared all of us. We were so worried for you." Shweta said smiling while moving toward her.

"I am sorry ma...I.." Avni said lowering her lashes feeling guilty for hiding thing from her.

"It's okay putter but don't do anything like this again. Anyways we are very happy to see you alright again. " Shweta said cupping her one one cheek lovingly.

"Yes Avni you know your husband he had became insane. You know he didn't even leave your side after you have been shifted into the normal ward" Sid said making her glance at Neil who immediately averted his gaze from her while Avni confusingly stared him ,trying to grasp his words.

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