Taking care

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Chapter 22

Sitting in the car he glanced outside. He was tired , tired from all the shits happened today. He never dreamed that his parents could ever do this to him , but he can't blame them they have their own reason.

He closed his eyes tiredly, today was a very long day for him first his friends and now all this.He was trying to rest his mind when he heard the sound of rain.

It was half past 11 as always Avni was studying in her room when she heard the sound of footsteps as her room was in between his study room and bed room and beside neils room were other rooms.

He's back she sighed in relief.

She was worried when he suddenly left without informing anyone. She knew , wanting him around when doesn't like her was wrong but she dont know why she felt safe , secured with him around. She knew that he didn't feel anything for her but to her it was like he will protect her from any danger.

Though he had many times bad mouthed her , never treated her like she was treated by all those people whom she once used to call family. His presence always gives her the assurance that he will not let anything happen to her at least physically.

Shutting all her thoughts she closed her books and decided to sleep as she had to wake up early for studies. Keeping her books aside she snuggled into the dulvet.

She wakes up from her sleeps breathing heavily and looked around.

" What was that??" mumbling this she felt thirsty , turning around she extended her hand to the nightstand but groaned noticing the the jug empty.

Taking the water bottle in her hand she moved out of the room to get water from the kitchen when she heard some voice.

She looked around but there was nothing.

I think I am sleepy.

Thinking this she took some steps when again heared the sound of someone shuffling. Staring around she noticed it was coming from the kitchen.

Taking slow steps she stood outside the kitchen when she saw him searching something.

Should I ask ?? But what if he get angry.

"Do you need something??"She asked ,entering inside making halt in his steps and look up.

"Ac..actually I was hungry. So.."He said scratching his nape feeling awkward.

"It must be in the refrigerator. "Saying this she was going to open it but stopped hearing him.

"Its not there I already checked it."He said rubbing his forehead as it was paining too much.

"Oh..umm....if you dont have problem then should I make something for you."She suggested making him look at her but then he slowly nodded.

"Okay you please sit and tell me what should I make for you?"She asked putting the april.

"Anything light."He said making her nod then she started to prepare it while he just sat on the chair which was placed near the kitchen counter feeling little dizzy.

"Here it is "Avni said placing the plate in front of him when she saw him sleeping.

What happened to him suddenly??

"Neil.."Avni called him slowly trying to wake him up.

"Neil...please eat your dinner then you can sleep. "She said but not getting response hesistately she touched his arm to shake him when she felt him burning. His eyes were closed but his face was showing that he is in pain.

He had fever.

I...I..need to help him.

"Neil....Neil" she spoke when he moved a little and weakly opened his eyes but again closed it.

"Neil...neil " she called him trying to wake him but this time he didn't opened his eyes. Having no other option than making him eat his food herself then giving him him medicine.

"Neil please open your mouth"She said trying to wake him when she saw his eye lid moving a little. It was like he was listening to her and was trying to open his eyes.

"Neil just have a little so that I can give you meds"She said then started to feed him with a spoon.



Avni sighed, lying him on his bed comfortably after giving him meds, when she looked around. It's the first time she entered his room after shifting with him, last time when she came was to call him for dinner but that time she left from outside only. The room was same as his room in khanna mansion it was painted in white and grey colour there were not many things but were all the things which needed it looked perfect.

She came out of her admiring session when she saw him twisting and turning again and again while groaning and whimpering in pain due to fever. But soon his whimper subsided making her sigh in relief.

Maybe medicine did it's work

She sat on the chair dragging it near his bed and sighed staring his face.

After sometimes she again checked his temperature but it was still burning so she immediately rushed toward the kitchen and bought a bowl full of cold water with a cotton cloth and put it on the nightstand then she sat on the chair and started putting the damp cloth on his forehead after soaking it in the cold water.

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