Her Decision

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 40

Soon her exam finished. Today was the last day of her exam in this time period Avni many times tried to tell Neil but was unsuccessful.

Avni was waiting for the driver to pick her as today Neil was busy in his meeting.

It has been half an hour the collage getting over but still the driver didn't came. Avni started to feel uneasy due to the bright sunlight and was going to move when suddenly a car stopped in front of her.

Avni who saw the unknown car stopping in front of her felt uneasy and took some steps back. When she saw the car window getting lowered and get shocked to see the person.

"Juhi you here" Avni asked being shocked

"Hi Avni actually I saw you standing here so. What are you doing here?" She asked her.

"Noth...nothing just waiting for the driver." Avni said little lowly as she was not feeling well but tried to not to show it to her.

"Oh.. come let me drop you" Juhi said

"No...its..it's okay I..I willl manage...Ahhhh"Avni said trying to not to stutter when suddenly a wave of cramp hit her making her fall on her knees

"Ahh.."she gasped painfully clutching her belly.

"Avni"Juhi shouted and immediately came out of her side.

"Avni...Avni are you okay what happened" Juhi asked holding her shoulder for support.

"Juh..Juhi ...I am oka...okay...you go...ahhhh"Avni said trying to control her herself not wanting Juhi to know anything but then again a painful moan escaped her.

"What should I do?? What should I do?? Should I call Neil or take her to the hospital what would be the best" Juhi mumbled to herself not knowing what to do in this type of condition.

"I think first I should be taking her to hospital then should call Neil. Yeah it will be right." Mumbling to herself ,Juhi made the half conscious Avni settled inside the car and immediately drove toward the hospital.





"Avni are you okay, sorry I didn't knew about your condition." Juhi said entering inside the ward after doctor left, feeling guilty for her behaviour with Avni last time.

"It's okay" Avni said

"Oh no in all these hustle bustle I forgot to call Neil. Wait let me call him." Juhi said and took out her phone to dial his no. But was stopped by Avni.

"No.. don't call him" Avni said

"Why.?? "Juhi asked confusingly.

"He must be busy in a meeting so I don't want to disturb him." Avni said trying to make an excuse

"Its..okay Avni you are his wife and his wife must be his first priority" Juhi said little hurtfully but then tried to cover it with her smile.

"No please" Avni requested her.

"Okay I will not call him. Come let's go I already have talked the doctor and he said you can go." Juhi said when suddenly her phone rang. It was her PA as she had an emergency.

"Priya please handle for a little I will be there in within an hour" Juhi said

"Please I.."Juhi was going to decline but was stopped by Avni.

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