Something is changing

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

For those who wanted to see Atharv 👆(so how many of you fall for this little guy😍😍)

Chapter 13

It has been a week since Avni started going collage ,all was going well but nothing changed between avneil . Avni was trying to ignore him which becomes easy as she come down after he went and at night he always comes late and Neil noticed this but shrugged as he was as always busy in his official work .

Mehak and Avni bonding became strong as after that day Mehak used to come daily at the cafe with her son atharv. Avni got to know many thing about Mehak , as she had a love marriage as earlier she used to work in his office , who was also a businessman and they fall for each other and get married.

Avni as usual after having her dinner at 9 started revising her lessons as she didn't got time to study after collage as there were many customer there in the cafe.

It was midnight Avni was understanding and learning the theories when she heard some shuffling sound firstly she ignored it but it became louder and louder so she decided to check.

It was dark outside so she decided to on her flash light.

She moved toward the hall switch when suddenly she felt someone's breath fanning on her shoulder.

Her palm started sweating ,sweat breads started forming in her forehead.

Who is it???

A thief

A ghost

Shut up

her subconscious shouted

With her shivering hand she took the vase which was placed in front of her and turned.

She was going to hit but a large hand held her wrist midway.

Her eyes get locked with a pitched back orbs.

Its him!!

Neils POV

After completing my work i took glance ay the clock it was half past 12 so I decided to leave for home.

I entered inside after punching the pass code. It was dark maybe she slept and servants left turning off the light .

I sat leaning on the couch placing my coat beside. Really it was very tiring day for me ,being a millionaire is not a cup of tea you have to work day and night , every penny is earned by blood and sweat but others only see your achievement not your hard work anyways.

I am really hungry now so I decided to eat first as I was moving toward the kitchen my foot collided with a table and the things placed there fell down.

Ohh! God

What the hell

He was going to switch on the light but he saw a small figure standing there. He was going ask but the person turned with a vase to hit, widening his eyes  he immediately held her hand and his eyes get locked with the most beautiful eyes he saw.

It was her

How much he missed looking these beautiful eyes

He was seeing her after a week. As her collage started he didn't saw her.

Her eyes widened , mouth wide open some hair strand falling on her face from her messy bun.

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