I dont have a choice

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Chapter 18

She even didn't want to use any of his luxury when he think her as gold digger. She don't want his anything just because he is forced and think her as a burden ,not because she want anyone to think her destitute or because she wants to gain any sympathy.

He was going to climb the stairs but stopped listening her.

Avni - I didn't used your money she said looking down

He turned and stared her shockingly as it's the first time she is arguing with him.

So the cat got her tongue back.

Feeling his gaze she upped her lashes at him then again looked down.

"I didnt asked you to give me any money and if you are talking about the card which you gave me then for your information I didnt ask for it.You  forcefully had given it to me I. "She said upping her lashes at him.

"I am not here for money. I am here because I dont have a choice like you. "She said staring directly into his eyes.

Both stared at each other then she turned and left to her room.

Neil was in his office lost in his thoughts when someone shouted.

Neil - Why the hell are you shouting he said looking irritatingly at Sid who was smiling sheeplessly

Sidd - Ohh man in whose thought you are lost in? Is she's your wife?

Neil stared at him and then nodded.

Sid - Oh I thought that only as now a days you are always busy in thinking about her he said laughing hardly as from the time Neil got married he was all time talks about her only whether complaining or overthinking that what she must be doing.

Neil - Shut up he shouted angrily at his friend who had no effect on him

Sid - okay okay calm down now tell what happened he said staring seriously at him

Neil sighed then nodded



Sid - She did right by rejecting you

Neil- What the hell are you saying haa, are you on my side or her he said sitting straight angrily looking at his friend whose declaring him that he's wrong

Sid - Here that's the problem he spoke staring him

Neil - Now what does it mean?

Sid - Means she didn't accepted your car or didn't used your anything just because she had self respect.

Neil - Now from where the hell this came from. he asked looking at him strangely as he was never good in understanding these things,he was always a straight forward person if you want to say anything to him they say directly otherwise he will understand nothing.

Sid - oh god ! he sighed looking at his friend who can't able to understand a simple thing.

Sid - okay listen till now what you always thought ill about her right so she thinks that you are forcefully doing things for her and she don't want to take your advantage simple he said leaning on his chair crossing his both legs on the table comfortably.

Neil - But i was giving to her just because I don't want her to face any problem while traveling and also for her safety not because I think bad about her he said truthfully, when he saw waiting for the cab he didn't liked it , maybe he earlier thought bad about her or can say now too but he never wants to hurt her or disrespect her.

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