Little lover??

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Chapter 12

Avni was sitting in the cafe thinking as there were not many customers today while inside Radhika was lecturing her dad for not taking care of his health.

Her life was never easy firstly she lost her parents, then her aunt behavior and now this unwanted marriage. Why god wanted her to suffer??

She can't able to understand him. So she tries to ignore him.

She don't want to face him.

She knew its not his fault because care and affection came from heart not by force but maybe just she can't accept it. She needed time to make her heart accept all this.

To not to get hurt again and again.

She came out from her thoughts listening to a baby cry and looked at the direction.

She saw a baby boy lying on his stomach , gurling looking at her, with his innocent eyes as if calling her.

She smiled looking at him who spread his arm to her.

"He is calling you" she shrieked listening someone but then noticed it was the mother of the baby.

Lady - I am sorry I didn't mean to scare you she apologized her

Avni - its okay she replied with a small smile

They again heard a gurling sound , catching their attention.

Lady - This little guy was calling you since 5 minutes but you seems to lost somewhere she said smilingly looking at the baby lovingly

Baby cries out again while avni smiled getting up to pick him in her arms.

But stopped midways and looked at the lady asking permission to which she nodded happily.

Avni - thank you she said picking him up who shrieked happily throwing his arms around her neck.

Avni - nice too meet you too baby she said to him to which he make gurgle sound ..

She felt happy with him and cradle him in her arms.

Lady - Aww you both looked so adorable with each other. He clearly likes you.

Baby squeal happily as if agreeing her. And started making cute sound , its like talking with her in his own language.

Avni - I like you too baby she replied him kissing on his chubby cheek.

All her depressed thoughts were gone in just a blink looking at him

Lady - BTW hi , I am Mehak and this little guy is Artharv.

Avni - hello I am Avni she said sitting and smiled when Atharv placed his both hands on her cheek as if asking her to look at him.

Mehak- so what were you doing here I mean what you do she asked while putting her face on her fist taking support of her elbow.

Avni - actually I work here part time. She replied stroking Atharv's cheek gently.

His skin is so soft.

Mehak - are you a student

Avni looked at her and slowly nodded while cradling Atharv.

Mehak - you know if Sid saw you with him like this then surely he will got an heart attack

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