Broken hopes

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Chapter 10

At night after washing dishes Avni made coffee for him and took it to the study room where he was working.

Neil who was checking some files heard the knock and replied.

"Come in"He said still busy in his work. When he saw her putting the cup of coffee on the table making sign lowly.

He really needed it .

"Thanx"He said making her up her lashes at him shockingly but then she quickly lowered it again.

He took a sip of it and closed his eyes he liked it , the strong aroma and taste was the same how he wanted it to be. He has been drinking it after many days he had tasted it on their first breakfast together here.

After taking some sips more the opened his eyes to see her still standing staring him meeting his gaze she quickly averted her eyes.

"What I already said thanx. Didnt I??"He asked making her nod still looking down making him narrow his eyes at her.

"If you want to say something then say it,no need to stand like a statue."
He said as he don't have any mood to shout or say anything to her.

"Ac...actually I wanted to thank you for helping in my collage admission. "She started but soon was cut off by him.

"Wait...wait...wait dont tell me that you think that I did all this collage admission and all for you."Saying this he chuckled.

"I did this because my parents wanted it not for you. I did it to fulfil my responsibility which was given to me forcefully so dont need to flatter yourself about that"he said in a serious tone clearly remembering how his father called him asking him or can say ordering him to get her admission in the collage as soon as possible.

Hearing him her heart broke.

Earlier in childhood also she used to wish to god seeing other kids with their mothers on mother's day to give her one who also care for her, love her and play with her like others but it never happened. Even she lost her father too.

And she left alone with the broken pieces of her heart. And now also when she thought maybe her husband cared her it also broked.

It hurts , it hurts to be broken again and again.

But was it his mistake.


It was her who raised her hope thinking that maybe somewhere in his heart he cared for her.

Her eyes filled with unshed tears but she controlled , controlled to not show him how weak she is , not to make him realize how much it hurts....hurts to hear again and again from him that he don't care just like them he don't care for her.

But maybe this is what's written in her fate and she need to accept it.

Avni - Its okay whether you did it for me or them still you have done me a favour , so thank you, thank you so much Mr Khanna. "She said while putting the a big box of jewellery's along with the blank check which he gave her on their wedding night on his study table.

"What's this all?? "He asked confusingly staring her.

"These are the things which your family gave me as your wife but unfortunately I am not her. These things dont belong to me ,So I cant keep them, I wanted to give them to you on the very first day after you returned but because of the family being around couldnt do it."Avni said making him shocked .

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