Her broken self

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Chapter 6

At night after preparing dinner, Avni came into her...umm...his room then went inside closet and started to collect all the books from the shelf  which she kept earlier while studying but now as  he had clearly mentioned that he dont want her to use any of his thing so she decided to keep them back into her bag and only take it out at the time of studying.

After putting her book in her bag safely Avni turned only to bump into the hard wall and was going to fall when someone held her from her waist.

When did a wall here??

Its not a wall??

How you know??

Because they dont have hands to hold you??

Her subconscious replied sarcastically.

Oh..yeah. but why its so dark here?

Because you have closed your eyes first open them.

Oh yeah sorry.

Opening her eyes she saw him holding her tightly.

After returning from his office Neil was walking inside his room when suddenly a maid bumped into him and mistakenly the juice which was in her hand spilled on him ,making him angry  .

"I...i am sorry sir"She said while Neil was going to shout on her but stopped.

"Its okay I will change"Neil  said taking a deep breath trying to control himself then went to change.

He entered inside the closet when suddenly he bumped into something and his arms immediately encircled around it to hold

He felt something soft


He felt like he was holding a fragile doll like if he will hold her tightly then she will break . Her white skin was just soft like cotton her cheek were little red maybe because of makeup .

And his eyes get locked with the most memorizing eyes he have ever seen. It was her.

He saw her lowering her lashes trying to push him making him come out from his zone and he immediately moved away from her.

"Tha...thank you for not letting me fall"Avni said licking her lower lips then was going to moved out but stopped  hearing  him.

"I want to talk to you."Neil said making her stop in her track shockingly.

What did I heard him right?

No Avni maybe you must have mistaken.

"I..said I want to talk to with you."Neil again said making her come out of her thoughts and she nodded.

He really wants to talk with me.

"As you already know that as I have reyurned so I will soon be going back to my penthouse and you being my wife have to accompany me, so I want to clear few things before only and you must need to obey them by hook or crook.  I dont care  what you did back your home. I dont care that how you who** around , I dont care that how many boyfriend you have.  But from now I will not tolerate it. "He said making her shocked.

"Why are you shocked?? Oh! Did you thought that I dont know about you or you thought you can also fool me like you fooled my family then you are wrong girl. You can't fool me but I must say you could have won the Oscar for your acting skills. That if I didnt knew you perfectly then I too would have believed your this innocent face and would have fallen into your trap. "He continued making her eyes teary ,she lowered her lashes trying to hide her tears from him not wanting to show him that how much much his words were affecting her but he it didnt went unnoticed by him.

"But for your badluck and my fortune I know you very well and your who***ng nature so stop your stupid acting in front of me."He said angrily gripping her chin  harshly, upping her face toward him only to witness her teary eyes when a traitor tear fell from her on his hand making his face soften a bit. He cant see anyone crying,he dont like to hurt anyone but for her its her mistake.

He immediately pulled away his hand from her chin then lowered his lashes at hand which had her tear. His inside started to feel guilty seeing her crying but then he remembered her Aunt's words and today's incident , his face again hardened looking at her when his hard eyes met with her broken one.

"Stop this drama in front of me. Its not going to work"Neil said before turning away from her but not before glaring her while his heart was clenching seeing a girl crying because of him. It was the first time when he said something bad about a girl's character but for him she was the reason. He knew that she was wrong but somewhere he himself wasn't able  to believe that she is wrong, that why she was effecting him this much. He shouldnt care that her doings but it affects him because if  it was someone else in her place then wouldn't even have let her stay in his room forget about talking. But she..she is different dont know why but every time he imagine her with someone else his blood started to boil that he just want to kill that person.

Maybe its because she's your wife and her every action will affect you family's reputation.

His mind answered making him nod.

Yes this must be the reason.

Thinking this Neil left leaving the poor soul behind him hurting.

He...he just called me a sl*t?

Does he think this low of me??

How can he ?? How can he raise finger on my character?? How can he??

"You said that you know me. But in actual you dont know me. You dont know me Mr Khanna. You dont know me." Saying this Avni cried falling on her knees.
It was night Avni was sitting in the terrace lost in her thoughts when she felt someone sitting beside her.  Upping her lashes she saw Shweta.

"Ma you here, did wanted something??"Avni asked turning toward her.

" Why a mother can only come to there child when they want something hmm?"Shweta asked raising her eyebrows making her eyes widen.

"No..no..Ma I..didnt meant that. I was just...."Avni said panicking thinking that Shweta misunderstood her.

"Sh..calm down. I was just teasing you."Shweta said caressing her hair making her smile.

"So..tell me. What happened??"Shweta asked making her confuse.

"Ma what are you about??"Avni asked confusingly.

"Oh..so you didnt understand then let me ask you clearly. What are you doing here at this time?? "Shweta asked making her nervous.

"Ma..I..I was just he...here for.....umm..wal..walk."Avni stuttered nervously not knowing what to reply her that she's sitting here because she dont want to face him or that she's waiting for her son to sleep so that she can enter inside his room without listening to his hurtful words .

"Without even having your dinner??"Shweta asked making her more nervous.

"Avni I am not blind. I know that something happened with you two?? I have seen you during dinner how you both were trying to avoid each other. So I am again asking you, did something happened between you two?? "Shweta continued making her shocked.

"No..no..ma...noth...nothing happened??"Avni said lowering her lashes,  fidgeting with her fingers nervously.

"Everything is alright ,but guess what?? Still you are awake at this time, sitting in the terrace that to without having your dinner. Isn't it."Shweta said making her shocked..

"Ma..I.....I"Avni said lowering her lashes eyes filled with unshed tears,fidgeting with her fingers.

"Avni one thing tell me clearly. Did you two fought?? Did Neil said something to you?? Tell me Avni I myself will talk to him if he did anything."Shweta asked sternly making her up her lashes at her,staring her shockingly.

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