You have a baby???

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 26

"Wow you all are enjoying without me "

Hearing the voice trio break the hug and turned toward it.

"Mahek what are you doing here " Avni asked Mahek who was standing there.

"Nothing came to meet someone and saw you both enjoying without me" Makek said narrowing her eyes at the both girls.

Avni - oh it was nothing like that you know by the way meet Ali my friend she said pointing at him.

Avni - And Ali this is mehak she said turning toward him.

Ali - oh... hi Mehak he greeted her.

Mehak - Hi

"Hello beautiful "

Hearing this Avni looked at the direction and saw Sid walking toward them with atharv in his arm.

"Umm..mmm you here " Avni asked him once he stood he stood near her.

"Oh I am hurt, you are not happy to see me " he said dramatically

" Its not like that I....i was just......." Avni said widening her eyes.

"Heyy relax girl" he said laughing seeing her getting so nervous for such a small thing.

Avni was going say something but was cut off by a baby voice.

Lowering their lashes they saw Atharv struggling in Sid arm to come out.

Sidd - Oh!! baby what you are doing he asked staring his son confusingly.

Hearing his father Atharv upped his lashes and made a crying face. Seeing his son lips trembling Sid panicked.

Sid - baby don't......don't cry....dont cry he said loosening his grip on him a little and taking this as advantage atharv jumped on Avni, who opened his arm to pick him.

Avni immediately catched him held him securely in her embrace.

Avni - Baby why did do that haa what if you got hurt she asked while rocking his back and forth and atharv gurled repliying her.

Avni - No it was bad habit you know she scoled him sweetly.

Atharv again made a sound and put his palms on her both cheek.

Avni - Okay this time I forgive you but don't do it next time

Atharv again made a sound jumping in her arm and Avni smiled looking at him.

Upping her lashes she saw them all staring her shockingly except Mahek and Radhika.

"What was that ???" Sid asked who standing their shockingly looking his son's act as it was the first time he saw him binding with someone so well as normally Atharv don't like to go near anyone except the people he like.

Ali -" Avni is he your husband?? And you didn't told us that you have a son. "He asked her staring at Sid then at atharv.

"What??...No.... "Avni was going to decline but was cut off by Sid.

"Avu baby why didn't you told him about us haa" Sid spoke teasing her and winking at Mahek at the end

"". She stuttered widening her eyes in shock not knowing how to reply while radhika and Mehak controlled their laugh staring at her expression.

What he's speaking???

"What's happening here" they again heared a voice and turned toward it.

Now what he's doing here??

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