I love her

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Chapter 42

Avni was studying in her room when she heard her phone ringing.

"Hello" She said after receiving the call

"Hey,I am waiting for you girl and don't wanna hear any excuses from you, you are coming right." Mehak said her in one breath.

"Calm down please and where I have to come?" Avni asked her confusingly.

"What?? You don't know about the party, my anniversary party. Neil didn't told you about it, that bas***d I not goanna leave him alive."Mehak screamed making Atharv who was in her hand cry.

"Heyy Mehak please calm down actually he told me about the party but I didn't knew that it was your anniversary party " Avni said trying to calm her.

"Bibi....bibi....bibifulll(beautiful)" Atharv screamed hearing Avni's voice.

"Atharv is with you and you were cursing in front of him" Avni scolded her

"Okay okay I am sorry to curse infront of him, actually I was trying to call you yesterday but it was unreachable so I called him to tell you." Mehak said while cradling Atharv who had now stopped crying and was trying to snatch her phone to talk to Avni , calling her bibifull (beautiful) as he had heard his father many times calling her that.

"Okay I will be there" Avni said when she heard Atharv from otherside.

"Bibi....bibiful.....(beautiful)" Atharv yelled trying to snatch phone from his mother.

"Avni here please talk to this guy otherwise he's gonna make me deaf from his yelling and screeming " Mehak said glaring at Atharv who was now jumping in happiness.

"Athu...baby" Avni said once Atharv take the call.

"Bibifull(beautiful)" saying this Atharv started jumping while laughing loudly and gurgled something in his babyish voice.

"I...miss you too baby" Avni said in a babyish voice when he gurgled something. Like this they continued their talk for some time then turned off the phone as someone called Mehak.

"Agni will see you later actually I need to check the decoration." Mehak said

"Okay no problem bye" Saying this she cut the call and signed closing her eyes due to tiredness , when she heard the door knock.

"Yes. Oh ma " Avni said opening the door.

"Maa please come inside." Avni said giving her the way.

Juhi was sitting in her cabin staring at Neil's pic.

I..really like you Neil...but now you can't be mine.

"Why?? He now also can be yours if you want"

Hearing someone voice Juhi upped her lashes only to find her best friend Riya.

"Riya ,hi" Juhi said getting up from her chair.

"He still can be yours" Riya said

"But he is married" Juhi said sadly.

"With a girl whom he hates so much" Riya said.

"What..no..I dont think so, I think he love her" Juhi said remembering how he took a stand for her that day.

"No..Juhi he dont, he is doing this because he pity her and to show his parents" Riya said

"What..what do you mean" Juhi asked her to which Riya narrated all the thing but after manipulating it.

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