His imperfect bride

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Chspter 4
Really life is very unpredictable. Its been a month since she got married . Her life changed completely in this one month but somewhere in a good way. After marriage she got a new family who really love her, care her and specially respect her unlike..... Here she got a mother , father and a grandmother who is little strict but is awesome. They all love her like their own daughter which make her somewhere greatful to her aunt for marrying her here because maybe unknowingly but only because of her she got them and last but not the least her husband  who left her on their wedding night to Canada after leaving her in his car which was gonna take her to his penthouse but later Shweta told her that she's gonna take her with them till he returns,for which she somewhere is greatful for her.

It was early in the morning ,all were in their room getting ready while Avni like always was busy in the kitchen making breakfast for them as they all loved her hand made food especially Prakash. Shweta many times tried to stop her as she didnt wanted her to get tired but Avni being Avni, made her agree with her sweet talks.

"Breakfast is ready u please set the table" Avni asked one of the maid  while sitting on the chairs as dont know why but she was feeling dizzy and even had a headache , when one by one everyone came down.

Then all sat on the dinning table while Avni started to serve breakfast to them all.

"Wow Avni ,your hands have a different type of magic in it. This is soo yummy"Prakash said taking a big bite of lasagne from his plate.

"Yes Avni this is really so yummy and these Aloo Parathas ( chapati stuffed with spicy mixture of smudged potato ) are so yummy."Bebe said making Avni smile while other nodded agreeing with her.

"Avni..did you talked to Neil?? When he's gonna return?? Its already been a month since he left leaving his newly wedded wife alone??"Bebe asked making her smile fade remembering his words from before his leave.

Avni was sitting with her husband  when the car suddenly stopped. Looking outside she saw that they were outside the airport.

I know your motive of marrying me so dont you dare to think that you can fool me. I am warning you that if you dared to hurt my family in any means then remember that will be the last day of your happy life ,I will make your life a living hell. At last stay away from my things ,my life and yeah here's your payment for acting like a perfect  daughter-in law.

He said before throwing a blank check toward her,then went inside the airport with his men following him behind, who were already waiting for him there,leaving her alone in his car.

"No...bebe actually we couldnt talk as he was little busy"Avni said while lowering her lashes , not knowing what else to say that no her husband didnt called her even ones after leaving his newly wedded wife alone on their first night.

"Oka...."Bebe was  going to say but was  stopped by a voice.


"Neil"Shweta said smiling getting up from her chair.

Hearing her saying his name Avni froze and unknown shiver passed into her body.

He's back.

"Good morning mom,bebe, dad"Neil said greeting them all.

"Neil child how are you?? And why didnt you told me that you are returning today??"Shweta said cupping his one cheek.

"Mom I completed my work early so..."Neil said holding her other hand.

"Neil come lets have breakfast. Come , see how good cook your wife is." Prakash said making her eyes widen but she didnt turned, not knowing how to face him. She was feeling very nervous and somewhere excited as it will be the first time of her seeing him face to face.

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