Are we made for each other??

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Chapter 7

"Ma..I.....I"Avni said lowering her lashes eyes filled with unshed tears,fidgeting with her fingers.

"Avni one thing tell me clearly. Did you two fought?? Did Neil said something to you?? Tell me Avni I myself will talk to him."Shweta asked sternly making her up her lashes at her,staring her shockingly.

"No Ma its just I..I am missing my parents."Avni said lowering her lashes, not able to meet her eyes.

"Oh for that. Why are you missing them ?? Arent we your family ? Me Prakash ji, Bebe we are also you family. And you even have Neil  with you right. You can share anything with us. We won't ever will judge you and will always be beside you."Shweta said hugging her while caressing her hairs. Giving her the motherly love which she always wanted.

"But you are not lying right. Neil  didnt said or did anything right??" Shweta asked worryingly after breaking the hug making Avni look at her with teary eyes.

Ma..he...he dont want me. He hate me. He...he call...called me with names ma. Ma ,did I do anything wrong ma that he..think so low me.

Avni looked at her wanting to tell her this but she kept quiet because if she told her this then she will definately get hurt and will not back down for taking a stand for her.

But she.....she dont want to come between the mother son duo. She dont want to be the reason for any argument between them and give one more reason for him to hate her so she just shook her head.

"No.. ma he didnt do anything."Avni said making her sign in relief that maybe she was just imagining things.

" was just he told me that we will soon be shifting back to  his penthouse leaving you all , so I just got emotional"Avni said making her smile.

"For this small reason you were crying like a baby. Silly girl"Shweta said shaking her head while smiling ,tapping her forehead lightly making her smile too.

"Putter I know that you will miss us but we cant be with you forever right. You know why god had made the relation of husband wife. He had made it so that no one in this world will be alone. He knew that every person will need someone who will always support , love and care them. Who will always be beside them when no one will."Shweta said making her look at her.

Mine and his relationship is also made by god only.

Will we both will ever be able to understand each other.

Will he ever be understand,love and respect me like his own family.

"Are we too are made for each other?"Avni asked unconsciously making Shweta smile.

"Yes. Because we all meet each other for a reason. You and Neil too have met because he (god) wanted you to. "Shweta answered making Avni realise that she said it loudly.

"Now go and rest but not before having your dinner. Its already very late"Shweta said making her nod, then both got up.

"Good night ma"Avni said

"Good night "Shweta said caressing her hairs lovingly then went away but not before kissing her forehead.

Come Avni. Now its time to face the Devil.

Avni signed looking at the moon then started to walk toward her.......his room after closing the terrace door.

Entering inside the room Avni saw him lying on the bed with his face turned otherside , so she queitly  went to the balcony after along with a pillow and blanket.

After settling herself there comfortably Avni stared at the sky lostly and slowly drifted into deep slumber being exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Hearing the closing of the door Neil who was sleeping or can say pretending to be sleeping there slowly opened his eyes and looked at the balcony door.

So she decided to come here.

But why did she go there??

He frowned, slowly getting up from the bed then he walked near the glass door glancing outside.

Staring out he got shocked to see her sleeping there under the open sky, on the small couch looking very uncomfortable.

Why she's sleeping here? That to in this cold weather.

He frowned seeing her shivering due to the cold wind blowing outside. Not able to control himself he slowly moved out.

Reaching near her,he slowly yet carefully lifted her in his arms then took her inside making her lie on his bed.

He signed after laying her there carefully then lied on his side keeping a proper distance between them.
Next morning Avni wakes up due to the sun raise falling on her face. Opening her eyes she got confuse to find herself in his room on his bed.

Oh god how did I came here.??

Am I suffering from somnambulism that I have started to walk while sleeping and slept here??

But what about him, where is he??

She frowned looking around the room confusingly when she heard the knock.

Did he came?? But why will he knock before coming to his own room.

She frowned before getting up from his bed and opened the door only to find shweta standing there.

"Maa..good..good morning"Avni said

"Good morning putter come down breakfast is ready then you both have to leave also"Shweta said smiling

" sorry...I really dont know how did I slept this la..."Avni started but was cut off by her.

"Dont worry child. I understand you  go freshen up and come down for breakfast okay"Shweta said making her nod.

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