Getting her back

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This book is originally published on wattpad by It'syourblackrose.

Chapter 46

Is there anyone??" Avni said staring around worriedly. The place was very isolated no one can be seen ,there was a white smoke all around.

"Is someone is there please help me??" Avni said taking some steps forward but the then stopped seeing someone walking toward but the person's face was not clear due to smoke.

"Who..who..are you??" Avni asked confusingly staring at the form when she saw the person's face.

"Dadda" Avni said happily and run toward him.

"Dadda you came. I missed you so much." Avni said hugging him tightly.

"Dadda..Where were you?? You know I needed you so much. Why did you leave me alone you know I was so lonely ,no one was there for me but now....but now you have come na I will not let you go away from me." Avni said smiling, breaking the hug.

"Princess I am sorry for leaving you behind but it was not in my hand you know I miss you alot. You know not only me but your mother too. "Ashish said

"Oh...mamma where is she I want to meet her." Avni said smiling

"Right now she is busy. But she will be very happy when I will tell her about you."Ashish said making her smile.

"Okay now I have to go. He is calling me"Ashish said some step back.

"No...dadda can't leave me please...please don't leave me" Avni said crying as his hand slowly slipped away.

"Dadda please don't leave me. Take me away with you please dadda" Avni cried falling on her knees.

"So Do you want to come to us."Ashish said staring at his daughter.

"Yes" Avni said hurriedly getting up on her feet , wiping her tears harshly.

"Then come "Ashish said forwarding his hand toward her.

"I am coming dad" Avni said holding his hand.

"Come let's go" He said making her smile at him. Avni was going to move away with him but stopped feeling someone holding her hand.

Lowering her lashes she saw a strong hand holding her wrist tightly. Upping her lashes she saw Neil standing there holding her hand tightly.

"What are you doing here?? Leave my hand " Avni said staring him

"No..." He said holding her more tightly.

"Neil...I said leave my hand I need to go with my dadda" Avni Said trying to free her hand.

"I said na I will not let you go anywhere" Neil said pulling her toward himself due to which Ashish's hand slipped away from her grip.

"Dadda" Avni said looking at Ashish who was taking steps back.

"I need to leave child"Ashish said moving backward.

" please..please take me..with..dadda please." Avni said desperately trying to move toward him but again was held back by Neil.

"Dadda please take me" Avni said.

Smiling at her Ashish nodded in no then looked at Neil and slowly fade away in the smoke.

"Dadda stop....Neil...Neill...please leave me please I have to go to him please" Avni said seeing him fading.

"No..I will not leave" Neil said

"Why...Why you leave me??Why?? Aren't you the one who didn't wanted me?? Aren't you the one who was fed up from me,who didn't wanted to see my face?? Then why now, you are letting me go away? Why ??" Avni shouted at him

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