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Chapter 35

"Yeah...hello Ms Mehta please have a seat" He said keeping his file on the table and turned toward them only to get shocked.

"Avni" He whispered but it was audible to her ,making her up her lashes, only to find the floor slipping under her feet.

"" She murmured shockingly.

"Avni what are you doing here?? And Neil, where is he?" Dd asked staring her shockingly.

"Doctor do you know her?? Actually she is the patient about whom I told you about." Dr. Rohan said staring both of them confusingly.

"Dr Rohan you can go I want to talk to her alone " Dd said sternly staring at Avni.

"Okay Dr." He said to Dd.

"Be calm okay ,everything will be okay" Whispering this to Avni he left ,leaving her alone with him.

"Avni now tell me where is Neil. Did something happen between you two, how can he leave you alone here in this condition. That brat..." Dd said angrily

"Dd , he didn't do anything. He don't even know about me being here" Avni said

"What...what do you mean by he don't know about you being here" Dd asked frowning.

Taking a deep breath she narrated him everything making him shocked to the core. He didn't knew how to react ,as both were right at their places. Somewhere Avni's thinking was right but Neil , he also have the right to know about her.

Being her his wife he had every right to know about her, especially now  when he had started developing some feeling for her.

He need to know about her.

She need to tell him.

"Avni you need to tell him." Dd said making her shocked.
Finishing his meeting Neil was sitting in his office trying to concentrate on his work but his mind was again and again going toward her.

Why did she lied to him??

Where did she go?

What's going on in her mind??

There were many questions roaming in his mind but he didn't had answer to any of them ,he was lost in his thoughts when he heard a knock.

"Sir clients are here" his pa informed him.

"Okay I am coming" Neil said.


"He have right to know about his wife Avni. Maybe you are right but you can't snatch his right as a husband" he continued.

"But..." She started but was cut off by him.

"Otherwise I myself will tell him" He said making her shudder. It was not like she don't wanted to tell him but she didn't knew how? What will she tell that hay I am diagnosis from a serious disease.

"Avni maybe I am sounding rude to you but please understand my words. You can't hide anything forever , truth always comes out. What if he got to know it from somewhere else then. Just once think about it." Dd said trying to make her understand.

"I am understanding your point that's why I have decided to tell him. They after tomorrow my exam are starting so I will tell after my exams as I need time to prepare myself.." She said

"That's okay. I am happy that you took the right decision. Now let's come to you." He said staring her seriously.

"Avni I read your all reports and according to them I can say that we need to find a perfect donor for you as soon as possible because day by day your chances are decreasing. Your blood cells are decreasing because of which your immunity is also getting low which will make it hard for you survive during surgery................." like this he continued.
"Avni here's your diet chart you have to take a proper diet to make your body get all types of vitamin and minerals. Keep taking your meds at time otherwise your pain will become unbearable for you handle and also will push you toward... "

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