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Chapter 25

"Thank you Mr Cameron it will be pleasure to work with you " Neil said while shaking hand with Mr. Cameron his new bussiness partner whom he was trying to convince from a long and finally he agreed.

He again in his chair after Mr Cameron exited from his office.

"Ms Iyer is there anymore meeting today" he asked his PA.

Ms Iyer - no sir it was the only meeting today.

Noding his head he dismissed her and glanced at his watch. It has been 3 hours he was in the meeting and finally it's got successful. Sighing deeply he started checking some documents.

Neil was deeply engrossed in his work when suddenly his cabin door opened with a bang.

Neil - what the....... He said upping his lashes at the door but stopped midway

"You" he said

" How dare you " the person shouted at him standing in front of his desk.

"Mehak what are you doing here" Neil asked standing up , staring her with a shocked face.

"Hello guys"

Hearing another voice Neil turned to look at the door and saw Sid standing there with his son Atharv in his hand.

"What are you both doing here " Neil  asked sitting down on his chair ,confusingly staring at his best friend then turned toward mehak.

"How dare you hide such a big thing from me" Mehak said sitting at the opposite glaring at Neil..

"What are you talking about "Neil asked casually flipping pages from the file he was reading earlier.

"You have the courage to ask me what I am talking about after hidding your marraige from me" she asked him angrily to which he immediately looked up at her shockingly then glared at his friend who just shrugged his shoulder at response and started enjoying the view outside with his son  through the window.

Neil - You know it was nothing like that he said

Mehak - I wanna meet her she demanded

Neil - she is in the collage he said and felt like deja vu.

Both are same.

He thought looking at them.

Mehak - Now she ordered

"Sid " Neil called him asking help

Sid - baby...... He started but shut his mouth when she glared him

Sid - you know it's lunch time so we can meet her  right baby he said smiling sheeplessly at Neil and looked at Mehak but then shouted painfully and looked at his son who just have him a hickey.

Atharv who was looking at his father the whole time saw his cheek turning red, thought it as strawberry and bite it.

Neil and Mehak who saw this and chuckled

"Both mother and son are same" Sid mumbled glaring his son who at response made some funny sound while clapping his hand excitedly.

Smiling at her husband and son Mehak turned toward Neil who gulped down the lump formed in his throat.

Mehak - shall we she said looking at Neil daring him to say no

Neil not knowing what to do  just nodded absent mindly as he didn't know how will she react and also he didn't asked her wheather she want to meet them or not and last time also he didn't informed her that his friends were coming to meet her not like he knew they were coming but still.

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