My Bride or My forced Bride

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This book is originally published on watt pad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 20

Next morning

Fidgeting with her finger she slowly climbed down the stairs and was moving outside when she bumped into someone and fell.

Avni - I am sorry I was lost somewhere she said quickly collecting all the files which fell on the floor and gave it to him while getting up

Person - Hay it's okay he said while taking it from her

"Oh it's you don't tell me that you came here behind me"

Hearing the voice she stood looked at the source and get shocked he was the one whom she met at the cafe that day

" " she said moving her head left and right

Why the hell are you stuttering??

"Girl I already told you that I am reserved you know” he spoke playfully

"You…you are misunderstanding” she said nervously looking down fidgeting

She upped her lashes at them confusingly when she heard the laugh.

Dd - heyy don't worry he was just joking he said glaring at him

Sid - Why did you do that he said making faces at him.

" What are you both doing here "

Hearing him she immediately tuned around when her eyes met his and immediately looked down avoiding the eye contact for some unknown reason.

“Are you okay now “he asked her slowly, standing some inches away from her.

Avni - Yes,i .....i should be going she stuttered as she felt his breath fanning on her forehead and immediately left toward the kitchen

Neil - When did you returned from the business trip? He asked facing Dd as he had to urgently for the business trip one month before his marriage.

Dd - What the hell, you got married and even didn't even invited your best friend. He busted on him and why not they were his best friend always stood beside each other in every situation and he quit inviting, didn't even informed him about his wedding, he got to know it from other.

Sid - Yeah even I didn't got to have fun because someone decided to marry secretly he complained earning glare from them both.

Dd- Really, here we are discussing about such a important topic and all you care about is having fun, . He asked unbelievably

To which he just shrugged it.




"It was too sudden for me too you know"

He spoke sitting on his chair in the study room with them and told him everything how he entangled in this marriage.

"And I really don't  know that whether I can trust her or not? For the family ,we are married but in reality we are strangers."he said while remembering that how his grandfather asked him to marry her just some hours before their marriage saying they had a deal with her family but it clearly was not.

Dd- “Maybe you are thinking too much, by the way who was that beautiful. Was she’s…”he stopped when something strikes in his mind and both Dd and Sid look each other, then at him shockingly.

"The one" both said in unison staring him with the wide eyes.

Neil - Umm...yeah she is My Bride or I can Say My forced Bride he replied

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