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Chapter 1

A big mansion is shown then in a small room A girl is shown who waked up at 4 am then slowly her face is shown its our avni she folded her mat yes she sleeps on the floor and put it on the small table then she start cleaning the whole mansion after that she washed all clothes which were in the bucket for cleaning after that she pressed all the washed clothes then she start making breakfast

After completing her work she saw the time it was 7'oclock then she she freshen up after doing her morning chores she start worshipping lord Ganesh (Gannuji / Bappa) which were in her room at a corner as she was not allowed in the temple which was in the house

She join her hands and close her eyes

"Please god keep all of us happy. Dont let anything bad happen to anyone. May everyone be blessed with peace and wisdom. ok now i go i am late in my job and yes please please support me"Avni said smiling at the small portrait.

Walking down the stairs, she was moving toward the door when suddenly she heard someone scream.


Hearing the voice she shivered , as she felt scared now she don't know what will happen . Turning toward it slowly she was welcomed by a tight slap making her fall on the floor with a thud.

Upping her head she slowly turned to look at the person with her teary eyes who was none other than her aunt Hetal.

Hetal was a cunning lady who can do anything for her benefit. She marred Avni uncle Ketan just for property but later her dream was drown when she got to know that all property was in the name of his older brother Ashish and he, he was just a caretaker of that property as Ashish used to live  foreign with his wife ,who was pregnant. Soon Ashish's wife Ayesha died while giving birth to her daughter. Where as Hetal gave birth to her Riya.

One side Avni was raised with love and lived a luxurious life. While Riya was raised by her mothers cheap mind ,who only fed her with hatred and enved Ashish's family as according to her he was living the life which was hers.

Soon Hetal's wish came true when got to know that Ashish died in a car accident but it couldn't stay for long when she got to know that that in his,Ashish named all his property to Avni and only 5% of his total property was given to ketan. Later Avni was bought to their house as according to law being a family member,  Ketan was going to  take care of her and her property till she turn 18.

Time started to pass And Hetal started to torcher Avni in every possible way. She started to treat her as a slave and used to punish her for even a small mistake. When Avni turned 18 she asked or can say forced her to name all her property in her name and Avni being a great daughter of the family ,named it to her,thinking that maybe now her Aunt will love her like she does to Riya , but guess what she was wrong ,Hetal's behaviour  became more worst toward her and she started  to punish her more severely.

"Didnt I told you that I want only fresh juice every morning, so how dare you give me juice made an hour ago."Hetal said while holding her arm tightly pulling her closer.

"Ac..actuallt aunt....I have to go to the cafe early today,so...sorry"Avni said while hiccuping.

" oh yeah, from the cafe I remembered , where is the rent for this month "Hetal asked.

"He...here" Avni said taking out the money from her wallet but to her misfortune Hetal snatched it all.

"Au..aunt"Avni mumbled staring her shockingly.

"What?? Now go away but first make juice for me and then go where you want to go" Hetal said angrily making her scared so she slowly nodded her head.

"Oh..okay"Avni said before walking toward the kitchen , to make her the fresh juice for her.
And came out while Hetal was sitting scrolling  through her phone.

"Aunt"Avni said passing her the juice glass.

Hetal look at her and take the juice

"What?? Are you going to keep standing here??"She asked

"Aun..aunt..I..I needed money for bus fare"Avni whispered lowering her lashes.

"Why?? Didnt god gave you legs??  By you walking few km you won't will die,now go away from here."Hetal shouted making her nod. And she turned to walk out.

Avni povs

Now this month also l have to walk to my caferia which is 8 km away from here for my job so that I can earn money to fulfill my father's dream.

Godji please help me.

Povs end

Hi guys l hope u all will like my story.

Lots of love to u all

Love u all


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