His Ignorance

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 41

Entering inside the house Avni saw Shweta and Prakash there and talking, she looked all around for him but he was not there.

Maybe he didn't came yet.

Shweta Ma who was talking with Prakash noticed her.

"Avni you came. How your exam was and why are you late you know we were so worried for you." Shweta said worriedly.

"I am sorry Ma ,I am sorry Papaji" Avni said

"Avni putter you don't need to say sorry to us for such a small thing" Prakash said smiling at her.

"Avni putter what happened are you okay??" Shweta asked worriedly staring her pale face

"Ye..yes ma everything is good it's just I am little bit tired" Avni said lowering her lashes and licking her lower lip nervously.

"It's okay putter you go and rest, I will ask Mrs Molly to send you something to eat." Shweta said cupping her left cheek with concern.

"Maa I am not hungry and will just take a little rest." Avni said

"But putter...." Shweta started but was cut off by her.

"Ma I am really not hungry" Avni said making her nod.

"Okay go and take rest" Shweta said smiling at her and Avni left toward her...umm his room.

Coming inside the room Avni sat on the bed clutching her pendent which had her parents picture.

"Maa papaji, why all this is happening with me hmm. Why?"

"You...you both know na why I am doing this hmm."Avni said caressing there pic.




Avni while roaming inside the room glanced at the clock its half past 11 still he didn't came signing deeply ,she went to the balcony and stared at the dark sky which was full of stars but the moon was missing. It was hidden behind the curtains of clouds and not coming out.

"You are also hiding from me" Avni said staring at the dark sky.

Closing her eyes she started to feel the cold wind blowing maker her shiver. It was a chilly night.

Where are you Neil??

She thought sitting in the couch placed in the balcony when she heard the door opening.

So finally he decided to come.

Coming inside the room she saw him standing facing his back toward her, struggling to take off his coat as it was stuck near his arm. I should help him.

Neil coming inside the room found it empty as he thought she must be sleeping but then he saw the balcony open knowing very well who must be there as it's her normal habit.

Today after hearing her in the hospital Neil was very hurt. He didn't knew how to cope with it. It was the first time in his whole life when he faced such a situation in which he didn't knew how to react otherwise he was a well-planned man, everything just like the way he want. But from the time she came in his life everything turned upside down. He became the person who he never was, he started to feel the emotions which he never felt before. Everything changed from her arrival.

Even her coming to his life was never planned. But see ,life is so unfair to him, the man who always liked things according to him never got a chance to choose his bride. Even now he is not getting a chance to choose with whom he want to spend his life. His parents wanted him to marry her and now his wife wants leave him in between.

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