Protecting her

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Chapter 28

After changing she came out and saw him standing in the same position as before.

" want to see something for yourself" she asked standing near him.

Neil - I...i..

What should I say??

Neil do you want anything??

Hell no i don't even know the brand name I use. What should I tell her that no i am the stupid one who don't even know what he need.

Neil you are really a fool.

His subconscious mind said.

Neil - No he replied after contemplating in his mind a lot

Avni - Okay then I am just coming. Saying this she left.

Where did she went?

He stood there watching her retreating figure for don't know how long when his phone rang.

Avni was staring all around waiting in the counter when her eyes catches something placed on the first self of the men's accessories.

Avni - you can take my place saying this to the customer standing behind her she went toward it.

Turning off the call he started looking around.

Till now also she didn't come.

Oh God Neil you are really a dumbo.

Maybe she went to the counter for the bill and here you are standing thinking like an idiot where she went how can you let her pay when you are here.

He immediately started searching for her

"Thank you mam, have a good day” cashier wished her after she played the bill.

Paying the bill Avni smiled, staring at the gold bracelets in glass cage which she bought. It was not very expensive but was beautiful and looked very elegant.

Smiling toward it she put it inside the shopping bag and turned around when suddenly someone pushed her from the back and she bumped into someone.

Where did she go?

He looked all around the counter and the female wing but didn't found her. He was staring around when he bumped in to someone.


"Oh hello Mr Cameron " Neil said staring at his client.

"You bitch you destroyed my whole dress" The person shouted

Hearing the voice Avni upped her lashes only to find Riya who was glaring her, with a in her coffee which she was drinking a while ago.

Avni - sorry...i didn't....didn’t saw you she stuttered staring her.

Riya - Go hell with your sorry she said clutching her wrist tightly making it red.

Avni - sorry can take my dress if you want she said trying to free her hand.

Riya - Shut the hell up you bloody woman. She said and was going to slap her but someone held her wrist.

Avni not feeling any pain slowing opened her only to find him.

"What happened boy are you okay" he asked noticing Neil, who was busy  staring around lost in his thought.

Neil - umm...yeah everything alright, sorry Mr Cameron but I need to go, it was really very nice meeting you. He said

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