Her pain His care

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Chapter 16

Avni was sitting on the floor crying not knowing what to do .

"I have to leave as soon as possible " She said wiping her tears and  looking around for any escape ,but there was nothing.

She stood up and went near the door hearing some voice and  start banging the door so that anyone can hear and help her.

Neil after finishing his meeting glance at his watch ,it was 9pm, he was alone there as employees left at 6 only. He took a deep breath calming his mind and signed. And decided to leave for home.

Hearing someone avni immediately replied.

Avni- Anyone is there please open the door i am stuck here

Hearing her the waiters who were talking opened the door

 Waiter - mam are you okay

Avni wiping her tears from the back of her hand nodded and immediately started moving.

Person - oh sister will you leave without wishing the birthday girl.  she asked in her fake sweet coated voice

She was passing through the hall when someone called her she immediately stopped and slowly turned. It was riya with her friends.

Riya - Girls meet my sis sorry sorry....  my orphan  sister right

Avni didn't wait a second and immediately ran outside crying. Riya with her friends started laughing loudly.

She ran until she reached the garden and fell on her knees crying. She cried until she let her frustration out through her tears.

Why I had to go through this. Why?

What mistake did I make that I was treated like this.

"Mom Dad why you left me. What did I do wrong that you both left me. All hate me dad. I am broken dad they broke me,I can't able to take this anymore. I am tired from them , tired from me, tired from everything."

She then looked up at the sky full of stars with moon shining in the middle.

" I have lost all my hope for a better life. Please take me with you. I don't want to live here anymore. Please mom dad."

She stood up and cleared her tears from the back of her hands.

Seeing her Harris immediately came out of his driving seat.

Harris – Mam shall we go?

Avni- yes she replied slowly looking down to hide her face.

Harris – Mam are you crying ? What happened mam how you get hurt . he asked hearing her trembled voice and noticing the cut on her forehead.

All tears which she was trying to stop started flowing down.

Avni – Ple.....Please I...I wa...want....to....go....home she said while sobbing.

Harris- Yes...Yes mam saying this he immediately opened the door.

Reaching home Harris opened the door for her.

Climbing down she turned toward him.

Avni – Thank you for dropping me here. But I want a favour from you please don't tell this to anyone Please ,not even neil.

"But ma..."

"I am requesting you please" He hesitantly nodded

Avni – thank you. she said and tried to smile but failed.

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