Stay away from me

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Neil's room👆👆👆

Chapter 23

Next morning Neil wakes up due to the sun ray's falling on his face. Slowly opening his eyes , he sat on the bed staring around his vision was blurry due to weakness and had headache which felt like hell. He got up slowly with help of table placed near his bed as his head was spinning.

He was going to step ahead but stumbled and was going to fall but someone held him.

Avni woke up due to the ringing of the alarm clock it was half past six. Turning off the alarm clock she upped her lashes and saw him in a deep slumber.

She checked his temperature and sighed it was still burning but not like last night, it was little less.

After being freshen up she went to the kitchen to prepare chicken soup for him.

Reaching her room she went to freshen up as she today she didn't have time to study and also she need to give him medicine.

After being freshen up she went to kitchen to prepare bf as Mrs Molly was on leave today. After making
soup for him she neatly arranged it in the tray and start moving toward his room with it. Opening the door she saw him stumbling so she immediately put the test on the table and rushed toward him.

"Are you okay" she asked after making him sit on the bed.

Neil - yeah he said while upping his lashes to look at her.

"What are you doing here" he asked her in a stern voice.

"Actually last night you were not well so" she spoke lowering her lashes and staring down.

Avni - I have bought you soup so please drink it and take the medicine. She again said

" You don't need to do this you can go" he said calmly


"I said just go away you don't need to do my work I can manage" he said trying to not to shout.Already he had headache and he don't anymore.


This girl.

" I said just get the hell out of my room I don't need your help" he yelled and stood up towering her , making her to take some steps back.

" I will not go " she muttered lowering her lashes to not to meet his hard gaze.

"What did you said" he spoke taking steps toward her while glaring her.

What does she think of herself

"I..i will not go till you take the meds"she said after mustering up some courage.

"And you think I will compile with you " he asked her in a hard tone.

This girl thinks she can control me.

How dare she??

"I..i.....just want you to get well soon" she said fidgeting with her fingers.

He stared her and didn't said anything, not knowing what to say.

Avni- "Please drink the soup it will help you"

Not hearing him say anything or declining she immediately picked up the tray and put it near his bedstand.

"Please sit"

Neil who stood there watching her every move till now came out of his trance hearing her.

"You don't need to do all this. I can manage. Also I need the real breakfast not this soup and where is my coffee." He grumbled while sitting staring at the container of soup.

But you are sick she wanted to say that but controlled.

"Seeing your condition your body needs more water and caffeine is dehydrating so you can't drink it , till you are well " she said  while opening the lid of the container and taking it out in a bowl when he was going to argue but was cut off by her.

"Here have this "She spoke handling him the bowl.

"I hate it" he grumbled taking it and glaring at it before taking a spoon full of it while scrunching his nose in disgust.

Shweta ma was right when she said he behave like a child when he is sick.

She thought remembering how shweta called her when she was working in the kitchen asking her about him. And when she told her about him being unwell she got very much worried about her son's health but was also happy that Avni was with him to take care of him that's when she told or can say warned her about his childish behaviour when he's sick.

"I have drank this disgusting thing now you can go"

She came out of her trance hearing him.

He didn't like it. She get sad hearing him as she made it with a special recipe which her dad tought her.

She started collecting all vessels when his phone rang and was going to leave but stopped hearing him.

" arrange all the documents for the meeting I will be there in an hour " he said.

Disconnecting the call he stood up and started moving toward the bathroom but stopped hearing her.

Avni - not be leaving when you are not well she said staring down and clutching the tray more tightly.

Stop stuttering girl he will not eat you.

Neil - What did you say he asked turning toward her.

Avni - not g..go to office today as you are not well.

Neil - And who are you to order me this just because I drank you so called soup it doesn't mean that I will obey each and everything you will say he said taking some steps toward her making her step back.

"I am not ordering you or telling you to obey me I am just advising you."She said licking her lower lip nervously making his eyes follow her move.


Shut up

What does she consider herself to tell me what to do or not.

His subconscious said.

"Well I don't need your so called advice or anything. And....."he stood very close to her and bend a little near her ear, making her breath hitched due to due to their close proximity his breath was fanning on her ear, making it hard for her to open her eyes.

" Didn't I told you on the very first day stay away from me" he spoke near her ears. Smelling her fragrance but then stepped away realising he's doing and left but not before glaring her.

I was just trying to help.

Avni stood there watching his retreating figure for don't how much time then turned away.

First of all Happy Republic Day and secondly sorry  for the late update as I am not well and my final exams are also going to be held soon. I hope you will like this chapter.

P/s- Ignore the mistakes as it has been written in a rush.

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