Anger and hurt

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 14

It been 15 days since she started working in the cafe ,everything was going smoothly like always Avni after attending her classes she  and Radhika directly left for the cafe . Avni changed her clothes and went to the kitchen.

It was evening after completing her work was standing there looking around when her eyes fell on the cafe board which was little dusty. Taking a cloth she cleaned it  and was going to turn when suddenly she bumped into someone and was going fall but was held by two strong arms wrapped around her.

"I..I am sorry" she mumbled staring down and quickly moved away when she heard a voice.


she knows the owner of the voice

"What the hell are you doing"

She upped her lashes from to meet a pair of dark angry eyes .

He was looking at her like a predator looking at his prey , ready to pounce on her. He was in his formal suit  sitting there.

Whats he doing here??



Ofcourse he came to have some beverage you fool

Her subconcious mind replied sarcastically.

Looking at his angry face a shiver ran through her body .              

While he looked at her pale face and widdening eyes.

He was going to say something but was stopped by a voice .

"Avni that customer want your special Americano so can you please make it"One of staff girl said making her nod at her smiling.

"Okay you go I am coming"Avni said making the girl nod and she left.

Turning around she saw him taking a deep breath while closing his eyes tightly then all of sudden he stormed out not before glaring her.

she stood there dumbfounded unable to understand what just happened.

she turned to go but again collided with a hard chest and her notepad fell.

Avni looked up to see a man with beautiful brown eyes looking very handsome but of course less than Neil. Wait why I am comparing him with Neil.

She immediately looked down murmuring a sorry.

Man - woah easy there girl don't need to work too fast and bump into a handsome man like me

Avni immediately looked at him with her mouth wide open hearing him.

"heyy now don't need to stare me like that otherwise if my wife got to know this she will bury you down. "He said looking at her with serious expressions.

Avni shockingly looked at him

" sir i was was... "She stuttered thinking that he mishook her

he saw her stuttering in fear and started laughing.

She looked him strangely

man - Sorry miss I was just playing around by the way had you seen the person............ he was cut by his phone ringtone and  Avni immediately left from there.

Changing her clothes she took  breath today was really a  exhausting day and then the  strange incident  first Neil then the man.

Avni reached home around 8:00 her shifted ended at 7 but because of traffic issue she reached late. Entering the house she found all lights already on. He is home she sighed in exhaustion.

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