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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 21 

"I need to talk to them"  Neil said while  getting up from his chair. Then he  moved out but not before glancing at the file again which had the name Avni Mehta.

Yesterday night after putting her to sleep comfortably he felt the cold wind coming inside so he went to close the window and was going to move toward her when something came under his feet. Taking a step back he saw it was a pendent.

It was the pendent which her father gave her on her last birthday before he died. It was of gold with some diamonds on the heart shaped cover and opening it , it had two small  frame inside  where she had putted her parents photo on either side. Neiil had  many time noticed her wearing it so it wasnt difficult for him to know who it belongs to. 

Opening the pendent he knew the person , being in the bussiness field it wasnt hard for him to  recognise the successful millionaire of his own time ,  specially whose death was still a mystery.

But why she had this pic??

This question kept rising in his mind. So he called the one who can give the answer to all his question.

Neil - Gaurav  I want all  information  about Avni Mehta. He spoke while staring her sleeping form. Gaurav is his private investigator and one of the most trust worthy person of his.

" I want that file early in the morning and you know what to do "saying this he ended the call 

He was moving out but was stopped by the voice.


Avni after completing her studies glance outside. It was going to be evening. 

 Maybe now he would be free from his official work 

She thought as in the morning she didn't got a chance to thank him and in afternoon he was busy due to some important work and asked not to disturb him.

She was getting down from the stairs when she saw him.

"What??" he asked turning toward her 

Avni upped her lashes at him but immediately looked down when she saw him staring her.

Avni - I.i wanted to tha...thank you she said fidgeting with her fingers.

"Why??" he asked confusingly 

Avni - For helping me yesterday if you wouldn't have came then.... She stopped and took a deep breath and upped her lashes staring at his chocolate eyes.

Avni - "Anyways Thank you ,Thank you for helping me..." he was going to say something but she cut him in between.

Avni -" I know you would have done that for any girl but yesterday that girl was me so thank you once again." She said giving him a small smile at last then turned away

Neil - "Ofcourse I would have done that for any other girl but I wouldn't have felt her pain like I felt yours." He said staring at her retreating form and then turned away.

"Avni control yourself " She said standing in the dining room  while putting her right palm  on her heart. Don't know why she always get nervous after seeing him. Like her body started performing on it's own. 

Maybe our marraige was arranged or I can say was  forced but at least we can behave civilian with each other right.

She know whatever he did yesterday  that he would have done that for any other girl but does it matter for her no , she can't say that she is not hurt but she can't do anything. 

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