Confession And Dinner date??

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 29

"Sit" Neil said opening the car door for her and then moved toward the driving seat.

"Why are still standing outside??" He asked her seeing her still standing at the same place.

"Umm..Actua..actually I am not coming with you" She said

"What. Why" he asked confusingly.

"I need to go to the library” she said meekly scared what if he snapped at her as always.

"Oh you don’t need to"

"What?? Why" she asked him shockingly

"First sit"

Why he always order me??

"But..." she tried to argue but stopped seeing his glare and sit silently making him smile but he quickly hide it.

"Now tell me the book name you want" he said taking out his phone.

" its okay I will..."

"I said tell me the book name" he said sternly cutting her off.

"Human Embryology, Grey’s Anatomy, The cardinal of heart" she mumbled lowering her lashes, licking her lower lip while his eyes followed her every move.

(These were just random books name which came into my mind)

"Okay anything else” he asked trying to control himself.

"I need answer in words" he said noticing her gesture.

"No" she replied while he started the car.
Neil while driving glanced at her who was staring outside lost in her own thoughts.

What she's thinking??

Why you want to know??

His subconscious asked making him roll his eyes.

And why you have to poke your nose in my matter.

Because I want too .

Before he can reply he heard her calling him.


"Yes"he said glancing at her while driving.

" you for helping me today at the mall" She said stuttering a little , licking her lower lips.

"You don’t need to thank me." He said shrugging his shoulder.

"Hmm" she hummed

"Neil" she once again called him

"Yes" he asked again but then glanced at her not hearing her say anything.

She was lost again but he didn’t said anything knowing she need time and again concentrated on driving.

"Sorry” she replied after sometimes.

"Why" he asked her staring her for few seconds then again turned forward.

"For....for  lying to you." She said slowly staring down, fidgeting with her finger nervously.

Hearing her he stopped the car and then turned toward her.

"You don’t need to" he said now giving her his full concentration to which she upped her lashes at him confusingly.

"I understand that you needed time to open up about yourself to another. “He said clearing her confusion.

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