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Chapter 49

Avni was standing in the balcony staring at the moon when suddenly she felt someone's arm snaking around her waist. She very well knew the touch even her heart started to thump loudly feeling him nuzzling in her neck and kissing there softly.

"Nei..Neil" Avni whispered slowly making him pull her more close to himself.

"Hmm" Neil said nuzzling in her neck while closing his eyes.

" go..going to come tomorrow right" Avni asked while stuttering feeling him caressing her waist.

"Yeah..but my work got completed early so I immediately took the flight to come back" Neil said turning her to face him.

"But..." Avni was going to say but was stopped feeling his finger on her lip.

"Shh...don't speak anything now just let me feel you. I didn't slept properly without you from last 9 days." Neil said hugging her tightly, hiding his face in her neck.

Both stood there like that for don't know how much time when Avni broke the silence.

"Neil" Avni whispered while caressing his back softly making him snuggle more.

"Neil leave me so that I can make something for you. You must be hungry right." Avni said trying to pull him away knowing very well that he didt have eaten well there, as he doesn't like outside food.

"No..I don't want to" Neil said lazily making her smile.

"If you will kept clinging to me like this ,then how I am goanna make you eat" Avni asked unknowingly making him smirk.

"You want to make me eat??" Neil asked while smirking moving more close to her making her confused but she shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly.

"Indian or Italian" Avni ask making him stop in his track.

"What??"He asked confusingly.

"I asked what you want me to make, Italian or something Indian" Avni asked making him want to bang his head on the wall.

"You.." Neil wanted to say something but didn't knew what to say.

"What happened??" Avni asked

"Tubelight" Saying this he went to freshen up storming his feet on the floor like a child, making her confused.

Did I say something wrong??

What happened to him suddenly??

Avni frowned confusingly but then left to kitchen, shrugging off her shoulder.

Avni was mixing the flour when two hands slides down her both arms slowly dipping into the flour, fingers intertwining with her.

"Neil what are you doing??See your hands too got dirty" Avni said worriedly looking at his hands.

"It's okay, let me help you" He said

"Help and you? Mr Khanna do you even know how to even start the flame" Avni asked turning toward him then snaked her arm around his neck but carefully enough to not to make his clothes  dirty from the flour on her hand.

"Don't worry Mrs Khanna I will learn it soon" Neil said making her smile at his cuteness.

"Okay Mr Khanna but now please move away. I need to prepare your dinner" Avni said pushing him away a little.

"Avni" Neil whined like a child while scrunching his nose cutely making her smile.

"Aww.." Avni said holding his nose cutely but then widened her eyes as now his nose had the mixture which she was mixing before.

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