Two Choices

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 5

Next morning Avni was working in the kitchen when her phone rang. Glancing at it she saw an unknown number flashing making her confuse.

Who's this??

"Hello"She said after receiving  it.

"You are Avni right,Riya's sister."The Caller asked making Avni confused.

"Yes...but..why....."She was going to ask something but was cut off by him.

"See girl I dont know anything just give me my 2 lakh's which your sister took from me."The caller demanded making her more confuse.

"But...I..dont have your money."Avni said

"I know but your sister have. And now she is not picking my phone.  I dont care wheather you give it or your sister but I want my money back,otherwise I am not  gonna  leave your whole family and you very well know that what I can do to your sister. "He said  making  her shocked.

" you will not do anything  to her. You want  money right. I will give you just give me sometime, I will give you but dont you dare to touch my sister."Avni said making him laugh.

"Thats like a good girl. I will send you the address and I  want my money by tomorrow afternoon 12pm. . Dont be late otherwise you alreasy know the consequences."He said cutting off the call before she can say anything.

"But..."Avni started but before she can say anything the call ended. She again tried to call it but it switched off then she dialed Riya's number but her phone too was showing the same result along with her Aunt and Uncle.

Now how I am gonna arrange it in such a short time.

But I cant even let them hurt Riya or the family also.

She thought being worried as maybe they dont accept her as their family but being the elder daughter of the family  its her responsibility  to protect them.
"Avni can you pass me the curry from there."Shweta asked.

"Avni  pass me the curry. "She asked her again making other glance at her only to see her  lost in her thought.

"Avni.."Bebe said touching her shoulder,making her come into reality.

"Yes..yes bebe do you need anything.  Oh sorry I didn't bring your juice,I just bring it from the kitchen."Avni said and was going get up but stopped hearing her.

"Avni putter(child) are you okay ,you seems to be lost in your thought.  Juice is already on the table and Shweta was calling you to pass the curry from a long time. "Bebe said making Avni look at her then at Shweta feeling guilty.

"Yes...yes bebe I am alright. Sorry Ma, I didnt heard you." Avni said to bebe then turned to Shweta,passing her the curry.

"Its okay child but are really okay."Shweta asked  her making her nod giving her a small smile.
"Okay I have 20 thousand with me and there must around 1 lakh 50 thousand  in my bank account ,so total it is 1 lakh 70 thousand. I need 30 more, but from where should I arrange the rest of them. "Avni mumbled to herself.

Should I ask Neela ma?? I dont want  to worry her with my own  problems.

Avni thought when her phone rang it was same number from the morning. 

"Hell...hello"Avni said hurriedly picking up the call.

"Hello Avniji. Did you arranged the money."The man asked.

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