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Chapter 8

After breakfast everyone were sitting together and having chit chat as today was sunday. Whereas Avni was just hearing them silently time to time humming or giving short answers when someone asked her something.

"Neil so when are shifting back to your penthouse."Prakash asked Neil gaining others attention.

"Dad I am thinking to move there they after  tomorrow  as I have an important meeting tomorrow ."Neil said making him nod and they again started to talk about the bussiness.

"Avni putter can you bring me a cup of tea"Bebe said making her nod.

"Yes bebe why not. Umm..Ma, papaji should I bring something for you too"Avni asked

"Naah...putter we are okay"They said making her nod then she glanced at Neil that if he want something but seeing him not saying anything she just silently went.

Walking inside the kitchen Avni made tea for bebe then took out the juice from the refrigerator and she started pour it in the glasses for others. Then she took out a small bottle and was going to mix it in the tea but was stopped by someone.

"What are you mixing?? You want to harm my bebe?? How dare you??"Neil asked holding her hands tightly and took it from her hand.

"No..you.."Avni was going to say but was cut off by him.

"What?? Now you are again going to make some excuses right. But now I will show it to the family and they will know your true colour."Neil said before dragging her out where the whole family was sitting gaining their attention.

"Neil what happened??And Avni are you okay??"Shweta asked him then looked at Avni seeing him holding her.

"Yes...yes..Ma"Avni said struggling in his hold trying to free herself.

"Mom..I am telling you the truth she was mixing something in Bebe's tea. When I caught her red handed."He said looking at her with disgust making others shocked while she shook her head staring them while crying.

"Leave her hand"Shweta said walking near her.

"But mom..."Neil started but was cut off by  her.

"Neil I said leave her hand"Shweta said making him nod and he slowly left her hand.

"M...Ma..a..I..did...didnt....."Avni said while crying hardly making Shweta's eyes teary too.

"Shh...I know you didnt do anything."Shweta said hugging her while caressing  her hairs trying to calm her.

"Mom I myself saw her mixing some tablets in bebe's cup"Neil argued.

"Enough is enough Neil dont say anything without knowing  the truth"Bebe said

"Yes Neil maybe you just misunderstands things" Prakash said making him look at her in disbelief thst now his family is supporting an outsider instead of their own son.

"You guys really think that I am lying."Neil asked feeling hurt.

"We are not saying that we just said that maybe you have misunderstands things."Shweta said

"I dont have any misunderstanding. "Neil said sternly.

"Avni putter you tell. What really happened."Bebe asked making  her up her lashes at her.

"Bebe after making tea for you and served juice for others when I remembered that today you didnt had your meds which doctor told me to give you every week. But knowing that  will not have them by yourself as you dont like them I thought to mix it in your tea."Avni said in between her hiccups.

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