Kiss of love or solicitude

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 19

Avni was crying and struggling in their hold to free herself when suddenly one of them was thrown away from her followed by the other two and were beaten badly.

She tried to look at the person who saved her but failed due to the tears making  her sight blurry.  

Suddenly she  felt dizziness, her legs felt  like jelly and was going to fall when two strong arms  held her tightly.

" Avni "

She  upped her wet lashes turning her head breathing heavily looked at the person.

Sitting in the car , Neil glancing  at his wrist watch and stared out of the window . It was very a very tiring day ,he had back to back meetings and didn't even got time to have lunch but thankfully he had eaten his breakfast. Breakfast ,  by remembering it her face flashed in front of him and unknowly a smile made it's way on his lip. 

The main thing he had noticed about her is that whenever she get nervous she always bite or lick her lower lip mostly , which he found  hard to ignore. 

 Hearing a thunder he came out of his chain of thought , it was really a stormy night and was raining heavily don't why but he was feeling uneasiness like someone close to him is in danger and unknowingly a tear escaped from the corner of his eye.When suddenly his car stopped.


"Avni Avni are.....are you okay " 

Avni - "Neil" she smiled a little saying this while breathing heavily and started to close her eyes 

"Avnii open your eyes"  she heard him 

Neil - Avni Avni don't....don't close your eyes try to keep it open  Avni he said cupping her face while panicking as her breath were getting heavy and eyes were closing.

Neil signing his driver toward them he  immediately picked her and took her to his car.

She smiled hearing his voice and  felt him embracing her she tried to look him  but her vision was blurred due to tears ,  her eyelids started to felt very heavy ,her breathing stopped she was unable to breath she tried.......tried to breath but was unsuccessful , she was feeling suffocated . 

She tried to speak but her lips didn't move she heard him asking her to open her mouth but couldn't  able to reply, like her body was paralyzing. 

She was going to give up and was going fell in deep slumber  when she felt something soft pressed against her lips and then felt water in her mouth and gulp it then started to cough.

He didn't knew what to do an unknown fear raised inside him when he felt her breathing stopped.

Looking  around he found a water bottle , he sprinkled some of the drop in her eyes but it didn't worked then he tried to make her drink the water ,but she couldn't able to .

He took some water in his mouth and pressed his lips against her making her drink it ,when  she started to cough.

Avni while coughing opened her eyes slowly , blinking her lashes she tried to clear her vision when she again felt his lips pressed against hers. She didn't knew what was happening but she didn't have energy to stop him or to do anything so she just closed her eyes trying to gather some sense and feeling him close to herself. Both were lost on each other, their lips weren't moving, just were attached but it was enough to assure them each other's presence.

After breaking the kiss he looked at her who was looking down and shivering so he put his fleece around her which he always kept in his car.

Both avoided looking at each other. There was silence between them but it was neither awkward nor comfortable both didn't knew what to do or say , he wanted to comfort her share her pain , she was controlling herself to not show him that how weak she is, more than she already had shown . Whole life she has hidden her pain from others , so was she doing now.




Today if he wouldn't had came then don't what would have happened with her. She has lost everything in her life and now was going to lose the only thing which she have her dignity why life so unfair with her she didn't knew. Thinking about today more tear started pouring down her wet lashes. 

Sitting near the window staring at the dark cloud she thought then looked at her pendant caressing it. 

Throwing his pen away he stood up from his chair. He couldn't able to concentrate ,her face was flashing in front of him again and again. It has been an hour or two he was trying to engage himself away from that incident but was unsuccessful it was first time he felt someone's pain this closely.

But one thought kept knocking his Mind.

But why did he kissed her for the second time after giving CPR ??

Maybe you are starting to like her 

Shut up!

It  must be because I got scared , Ya that's the possibility. 

Fighting his inner conscious he started to move toward his room  but stopped hearing some voice.

It was coming from her room.

What's this?? Should I check ???

No ,Neil are you mad?? It's not good to sneak into someone's room . Especially if it is of a girl.

And that girl is your wife.

Yaa! who is just behind your money.

But he doesn't have any proof .


Stop it !! I will check just to make sure she is alright.

Thinking this he went toward her door. And was going to knock but stopped.

Should I??  No I think I should leave ya

And was going to turn but stopped hearing her again. 

"No.....noo "

" please please  "

"Avni " he mumbled 

And was  going to knock but it itself opened because of the wind.

"Avni are yo...."  He stopped 

Entering inside he  saw her sitting near the window.


" " 

He immediately ran toward her 

"Avni "he said lifting her from the chair 


"Avni calm down you are safe" he mumbled hiding her in his embrace ,caressing her hairs very softly and saw her calming down while clutching his hand.

"I am here no one can touch you"Neil said kissing her forehead ,making her lie down when her top raised a little and he saw a dark red mark on her milky white soft skin.

"This.."Neil slowly caressed her mark when she hissed in her sleep. Making him take it back and he himself didnt knew that when he started to pepper butterfly kisses on her belly while caressing it, trying to reduce her pain then started to apply cream on her wound.

"I dont know what happened to you till know but I promise you that from now on no one,I repeat no one have the right to touch or even see you with evil eyes cause from now you are mine. Only mine." He whispered to her. 


"I want the file early in the morning and you know what to do " he said staring hard at the cloudy sky then turned toward her sleeping form.

"Understood" ending the call ,he signed staring  her who was mumbling slowly which he didn't understand and then looked at the pendent in his hand.

Thank you for all the love and support. 

Lots of love to you all 

Love you all 


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