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Chapter 27


Her mind screamed

So she pretended to be busy with Atharv who was sleeping while sucking his thumb looking so adorable.

Neil- Coffee he said grumply while narrowing his eyes at her but then turned his gaze.

Ali - Okay guys just wait a minute your order will be here he said while bowing down dramatically making others laugh.

Avni - Ali wait.....umm...I am also coming to help you she said getting up and forwarding sleeping Atharv to Mehak carefully.

Radhika - I am also coming

Mehak- me too she said getting up, turning toward Sid forwarding Atharv to him while patting Atharv softly.

Sid - wait I will also come be said getting up carrying Atharv in his arm.

What's the hell is happening here?

Is there any farewell going to be held, that they all want to go there?

Neil looked at them in disbelief not understanding that why they all are going there.

"Hey guys ,why you all are coming. You all just sit, me and Avni will go." Ali said making Neil sigh.

Once in a whole he said something correct but wait.......

Why will she??

Neil - Avni you sit I will help him he said and was going to stand but stopped hearing her.

"No it's okay guys sit I will help him." She said lowering her lashes at him then turning toward others giving them all a small smile and went with Ali leaving Neil with a frown on his face.

Sid - Isn’t Ali is so sweet he said slowly turning toward Neil who was busy typing something on his phone.

Sid - They both look good together he again spoke not hearing him say anything. Neil who heard this  stopped typing and clenched his fist still not replying anything.

Sid - bro you still have time be responsible don't take things for granted

Neil - what do you mean he asked confusingly turning toward him.

Sid - Avni , don't take her for granted. Today someone tried to take your seat. Realise her importance yourself before someone tries to take your place in her life also.

Neil - first no one can take Neil khana place not even in dream second I know when and how to claim what's  mine and about her he's just a friend nothing more.

Sid - How can you be sure about this?

Neil - Maybe in our relationship there is no love but we both know how-to fulfil our responsibility. I don't know what she has for me but I know one thing that she is not like what I thought she was.

Sid - you mean you started to like her. He asked amused

Neil - I don't know about liking but I respect her and maybe in future I will be ready to give us a chance.

Sid - Oh my god I can't believe this. My little baby boy is ready to give me babies. He exclaimed dramatically.

Neil - shut up he said trying to hide his smile.

Sid - but still don't be too late to her. She's a keeper and you are lucky that you got her in your life don't make the same mistake which I did in past. He said remembering how he almost would have lost his love forever, leaving Neil in deep thought.

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