Mrs Avni neil khanna

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Episode 3

Next day avni waked up with heavy headache because of crying then she slowly stood up,glancing at the clock she saw that it going to be 6 so she immediately start doing her work and at 8 she completed then she got ready to go to the cafeteria as Hetal had asked her to leave the job as she is gonna get married today while Avni with heavy heart agreed , then left for cafeteria.

Walking inside the cafeteria, which was as usual full with customers. Some were talking, some were just sitting and enjoying their coffee or tea. Some were trying to find peace here while the workers were taking orders. Watching this all she smiled sadly that now she will miss all this, don't know how will be her rest of the life with her husband whose name, she don't even know. Well she haven't  dreamed for a fairy life ,she just wanted a perfect family, in which she have a full joint family a grandparents ,mother -father in law, sister in law ,at last loving and caring husband who always stood beside her to support her in every ups and down.

She was standing there lost in her thoughts when she heard someone calling her name.

Turning  around she immediately  embraced the person.

" You came ,today I needed you a lot"She said tightening her hold.

" First tell me what happened sweety, come sit" the person said breaking the hug,cupping her face softly.

" Now tell me what happened to my girl"The person asked after taking her to a corner and makibg her sit on a chair.

" Neelama....."Saying this she told about everything,making her smile.

"Neela ma you are smiling??"Avni asked noticing her smile.

Neela is the owner of the cafe and treat avni as her own child. She knows everything about her that  how her family treats her. She many times tried to help her but couldn't be successful.

"Yes I am smiling and why should I not. My girl is going to get married"Neela ma said smiling making Avni confuse.

"Ma didnt you heard what I said"Avni asked

"I heard everything. Thats why I am saying that  there is nothing to worry about. "She said making Avni more confused.

" what about my studies,?What about the .promise which I gave to my father?? How can you forget that" Avni asked when some tears fell from her eyes making Neela sign.

"First stop crying and listen to me quietly."Neela ma said wiping  her tears then held her both hand .

"Maa my Father's dream"Avni whispered Still crying.

"I told you na that first stop crying and tell me who said that u can't continue your studies hmm"Neela ma asked making her up her lashes at her.

"Baccha u can study even after marriage too right"Neela ma asked cupping her one cheek.

"But maa I dont want to distroy someone's life, you already know it na"Avni stuttered.

" Avni I can understand but you yourself dont have any option and right only you only told me that its a pure bussiness then maybe the guy knows about you too. So dont think much. Everything will be good."She said giving her an assuring smile to which Avni nodded

"Now why are you sad haa smile today is your marriage I don't want my son in law to think that my daughter is a crying baby"She said smiling.

Listening this Avni too smiles.

" Avni how's your health now, you are taking medicines properly right please think again "she asked her

"Ma..maa I already have taken the decision of my life and about meds ya I am taking it properly" Avni said fidgetting with her fingers , lowering her lashes .

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