Lots of surprises and the final Confession(Last Part)

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 50

"But.." Neil started but was cut off by her.

"No but come let me show you your gifts." Avni said taking to their room.

"Here" Avni said giving 3 boxes packed beautifully.

"Three" Neil asked upping his lashes at her.

"Yes now open it" Avni said making him nod. And he started to open the first one

Opening the first Neil saw a simple yet beautiful gold bracelet which had his name graved beautiful only in.

"It's awesome." Neil said caressing it softly then he opened the second one it had a heart shaped pendent which was little similar to the one Avni wore.

"I bought two pairs of this with my father when I was 7. One for me and other...... we had decided to give it to my future prince charming." Avni said remembering the old memories with teary eyes but then wiped her tears. Smiling at him she signed him to open the third one. Opening the third one Neil found a big picture frame which was of his child in that pic Neil was nearly about 8yrs standing with his whole family while posing to the camera.

"Did you like it" Avni asked staring him nervously standing still without any reaction, but was soon engulfed in a big hug by him.

"They are awesome I don't even a words to describe it." Neil said squeezing her in his arm making her sign deeply.

Next morning Avni entered inside the room only to get shocked staring at him.

"Where are you going??" Avni asked seeing him in his formal wear.

"Office" Neil said turning toward her, wearing his watch.

"No..you are not going anywhere" Avni said firmly.

" Avni try to understand ,my meeting is  very important  and I can't miss it." Neil said making her sigh sadly.

"It's okay" Avni said while lowering her lashes at the floor sadly, then was going to turn but stopped feeling him holding her hand.

"Avni, but I will be free after 2 hours so after that I am all yours" Neil said not liking her sad face, making her smile.

"Really ! Then we will pick you from your office at 11. Is it okay for you??" Avni said happily

"Yeah it's fine with me" Neil said making her smile.



" Avni where are we going??" Neil asked looking at the driver then turned to look at her. They were sitting inside his car after Avni picked him from his office while the others were coming in other one.

"Here we reached." Avni said staring out after the car stopped.

" Avni why are we here??" Neil asked looking outside at the orphanage.

"You ask a lot of question but now let's go inside" Avni said getting out of the car after followed by him when suddenly she stopped and turned toward the car.

"Harry you too please come inside. After all you are also the part of our family right and please bring the gifts too" Avni said looking at the Harry, making him shocked but then he nodded smiling at her.

"Yes..yes mam"

Hearing her Neil smiled, feeling so lucky for getting her into his life.

Then they along with Sid, Mahek, Radhika and Atharv entered inside when Neil heard all children shouting happy birthday to him. They all were standing in a row holding the big Happy Birthday Day Banner. The whole area was decorated with balloons light and some glitters like strips making it look simple yet beautiful and a big double stand cake was placed at the centre.

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