First step

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Chapter 9

"Wow you have made so many dishes in such a small time. And they all look delicious. "Mrs Molly said staring at the dishes shockingly. Well she had made Aaloo puri's, veg sandwiches, pancakes, waffles,noodles and at last the Kimchi which Mrs Molly had already prepared.

"Yes now lets place it on the dinning table"Avni said then started to place all the dishes one by one on the dinning table with help of Mrs Molly. She was moving to the dinning table while talking to Mrs Molly when suddenly she bumped into someone and was going to fall but was held by someone.

Not feeling any pain she slowly opened her eyes only to meet with the chocolate ones.

Not feeling any pain she slowly opened her eyes only to meet with the chocolate ones.

These eyes are so beautiful.

I have seen them before also, but where??

Maybe be they are of your caring husband's.

Her subconscious replied sarcastically

My husband?? yeah....but..wait..husband!

Widening her eyes Avni immediately stood up and tried to move away from him but he tightened his hold on her waist digging his fingers there softly making her shiver because of their close proximity.

Now why he's not leaving me.

Getting ready for his office Neil came down to the dinning table when he heard someone giggling.

Looking at the kitchen he saw her talking to Mrs Molly with her back toward him, unknowingly his legs started to walk at her direction. He was walking to the kitchen when he bumped into her and his arms immediately circled around her waist.

Lowering his lashes he saw her beautiful eyes which were close maybe due to sudden crash.

Unknowinhly his lips curled up looking at her.When she slowly opened her black eyes meeting his chocolate one.

Seeing him looking at her Avni averted her eyes and looked down while he moved his eyes from her eyes to her lips. Her soft pink lips.Suddenly he have an urge to taste them

I wonder how they taste like

Thinking this an unknown sensation ran through his body making his heart beat at a fast rate.

Control Neil. What are you even thinking.

He came to his senses feeling her trying to move away from him. And then only he realized they were standing in such an awkward position.


He put his hands back in his pocket and she stood quietly from some distance.

He watched her looking around nervously and tucked some loose hairs behind her ears.

" you need some....something she said nervously looking down and licked her lips while his eyes followed her every move.

Don't do it

"Yes"He said staring at her pink lips.

"W...what do you want??"she asked him

Listening her he came back to his senses

Oh shitt

"My breakfast"Neil said making her feel embarrassed.

Stupid Avni what was the need to ask him such a silly question.

Ofcourse he will be asking for the breakfast at this time.

"Breakfast is ready Mr Khanna. Today Mrs Khanna especially made it "Mrs Molly said making him glance at her when his eyes met hers but she quickly averted her gaze toward the floor like it is most interesting thing in the world.

Then they both sat on the dinning table having their breakfast.

"Breakfast is really good"He said eating his breakfast.

Hearing him Avni who was eating her food silently choked and she started to cough.

"Be careful"Neil said after she calmed a little.

"Than..thank you"Avni whispered not knowing what else to say.

Soon they both finished their breakfast Neil got up and was going to leave but stopped. And walked near her, making her up her lashes at him confusingly.

"Here. This is the list of all the collage here. In afternoon my assistant will come,tell him whichever collage you want to join and give him all your document. Rest he will handle."Neil said passing her the sheet.

Hearing him Avni got shocked and before she can say anything he went.

Well its been a week since her entrance result was anounced and she score 125 Rank. When her in-laws congratulated her for her new journey that time she was happy but later she didnt knew that how to arrange money for her collage admission because she gave her whole savings to save Riya. But now the main thing which was bugging her was that

How did he got to know about that??
In afternoon his assistant came. Avni told him the collage name and gave him all her document.

Then just as Neil said his assistant handled everything and here she stood staring at her identity card.

My first step toward my dream.

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