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Chapter 36

"Ma Papaji, I have prepared everything , maids will arrange everything no need to do anything and even if you need something so just ask them they will do it or just call me. And Papaji you , please take your meds timely and take rest after having your dinner............"Like this Avni kept instructing them who were standing their listening to her, just like students listen to their teacher , while Neil was just staring her Shockley ,as it was the first time he heard her talking so much in front him, otherwise she only listens to others.

"Avni...Avni...Avni you are just going for 2-3hrs, not for yrs. Don't worry about us that much,we will be good. You just go and enjoy" Shweta said

""Avni started but was cut off by her.

" and all, just go and enjoy. " Shweta said sternly making her nod.

"Neil puttar (child) go and enjoy you both" Prakash said.

Avneil left for the party after taking blessing.
Sitting inside the car Neil looked at her today she was looking very beautiful. Her dark coled big eyes with long lashes, blush on her milky white cheek, her heart shape pink lips which had a pink lipstic were attracting him very much. Indeed she was a natural beauty which he had never seen before her.

But something was missing.

He looked at her carefully and moved near her.

Avni who was putting seat belt when she felt his breath on her stopped.

Upping her lashes, her eyes get locked with his. When she felt her long hairs roll down on her back making her conscious and she immediately tried to tied them again.

"What...what are you doing?" She said lowering her lashes not wanting to look in to his eyes while making bun but was stopped by a hold on her wrist.

Neil who saw her trying to tie her hairs again frowned. He didn't like her doing that. He always noticed her tying them which he never liked he always wanted her to keep her hair open as according to him everyone have the right to live freely whether they are human or thing. It was not like he wasn't possessive for his things, he was very possessive and protective over his thing or person but at the same time he always knows when to express his emotion and when to keep calm. For him giving freedom doesn't mean that he will let anyone else to take advantage.

"Keep them open" he said staring her intensely making her freeze.

" don't look good" She said remembering her Aunt and her cousin Riya words how they always used to degrade her in every means from her food to her clothes everything. They always used to badmouth her whether it was about how clothing ,her personality ,face or her hairs. They always used to say that she was ugly ,her hairs were worst of all in her body hearing them always made her insecure about herself .

For a women her beauty plays a vital role in her life. It doesn't matter that how she look but each women have its own beauty for the world it must be outer but the real beauty is inside.

Avni was beautiful not only from outside but inside too. She was perfect in all aspect. From her innocent fairy face to her golden heart. She always endured pain, punishment everything  they gave her with a smiling face she never once argued. She always use to do whatever they say as a submissive without any words , so when they used to degrade her, regarding her look and personality. She somewhere started to accept that also, which made her think that she not good without knowing the actual fact.

While Riya always who always used to feel jealous of Avni whether its her beauty, personality or her golden heart. Her all boyfriend wanted to date Avni secretly which used to make her furious and her heart started to fill with hatred for her.

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