Broken Avni

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 44

Neil was driving the car while Avni was blabbering making him laugh, cry, frustrated, angry all at the same time.

"You know you shouldn't be kidnapping someone to buy yourself an IPhone. You should just ask your mamma. " Avni said

"It's a bad habit to kidnap someone. You should just say to your mamma and she will buy you that" Avni said trying to make him understand that kidnapping is not good.

" Neil where is your mamma, I wanna meet her let's go" Avni said

"She's not here" Neil said locking the door.

"But...I want to talk to your mamma" Avni whined

"You know what give me your phone I will talk to your mamma for you to buy an Iphone so you don't kidnap me and sell my kidney." Avni said making him look at her like is she really had gone mad??

"Where is your phone I am goanna call your mamma" Avni said searching around for his phone making him widen his eyes that what if she really called his mom then surely she's goanna kill him for making her beloved daughter-in-law drunk and for hurting her.'s not a good idea. I really need to stop her from calling mom.

He stopped the car with a jerk making Avni who was forward searching his phone fall back on her seat and her head banged with head rest.

"Ouch! Are you mad? See you hurt me" Avni said rubbing head while pouting angrily.

"Oh. Sorry...I didn't noticed" Neil said

"Its okay, now give me your phone I need to call your mamma" Avni said

"Av..Avni you don't need to call her. I understood that it's bad to kidnap you" Neil said trying to stop her

"No....I need to talk....where is your phone??...oh here is that" Avni said making Neil heart stop.

"Whe....where?"he asked following her gaze when she held his palm.

"See here it is" Avni said looking at his palm then started to dial random numbers.

Alcohol has really run up her head.

"Hello Neil's mamma" Avni said putting his hand near her ear like she is talking on phone.

"Hello Neil's mamma, please buy Neil an IPhone. He really want it. " Avni said.

" Neil's mamma he is saying that he will study hard and will not fail in his exams again.....he is even ready to get bitten by your spactula also.. he is saying that he will complete his homework on time ,will never go out from the house alone and will even sing a song for you... you wanna hear him okay" Avni talked on the phone while Neil looked at her strangely not understanding what she really is doing.

Did she really just call me a failure??

What's this spatula and all??

" Neil will sing a song for you" She said making shock and this time put his palm on his ear .

Wow! What days have come that I....The Neil Khanna has to talk in this phone.

"Sing" Avni pushed him a little seeing him just staring her.

"I..don't know how to sing" Neil said removing his hand from his ear

" really are idiot." Avni huffed making him narrow his eyes at her.

In my whole life no ever called me idiot but see the audacity of this girl, for calling me the Neil Khanna an idiot that too two time.

"Hello Neil's mamma Neil is saying that he don't know to sing" Avni said again putting his palm on her ear.

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