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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 45

I want to congratulate you Mr Khanna on behalf of your wife as I am glad to say that your wife has scored the highest mark in this entire collage, so we have organised a small function for her and all the meritorious students in our collage so I needed your signatures in some paper" Mr Sharma Avni's principal said forwarding him some paper.

Neil was driving the car smiling widely remembering her Principal's words.

I can't wait to see your reaction Avni.

Today in the morning after completing his meeting with the client Neil came to his office when his phone rang.He saw it was from Avni's collage.

Why are they calling me??

Frowning he received the call after going little far from her to not to wake her up.

"Hello" He said

"Hello Mr Khanna it's me your wife's collage Principal" Avni's Principal said.

"Yes say why did you called me Mr Sharma" Neil asked

"Actually can you please come to my office as I have talk to you regarding you wife" Mr Sharma said making him confuse

"Why?? Is something wrong??" Neil asked as sitting staring at her.

"No..nothing Mr Khanna it's just we have to ask something from you before reaching to your wife" Mr Sharma said nervously as he knew that how much of a busy person he is.

"Okay I am coming" Saying this Neil turned his phone off and left for her collage.

Neil came out from his thoughts hearing his phone ringing and smiling seeing his mom photo on the screen.

"Hello mom" he said happily smiling to himself.

" Neill......Neillll...Av...Avni" Shweta said while crying.

Hearing his mom's broken voice he pulled the break with a jerk.

"What..what happened?? Mom. Why are you crying??And Avni. What happened to her? Where is she??" Neil asked hurriedly

"Avni..Op..operation..." Shweta said crying loudly not able to control himself.

"Hello...Neil...child please come to hospital. As don't know what happened to Avni but right now she's in the operation theatre and even doctors are not speaking anything" Prakash said taking the phone from his wife and embraced her.

"'t..worry just please handle mom...I..I am coming there just send me the address okay" Saying this Neil immediately turned off his phone.

"I..I..need to call Dd. Yes I need to call him. He knows her case very well...he..he..can help us...yes..I should call him." mumbling to himself he immediately dialled Dd numbers.

One ring...two ring...three ring..four...ring.. but no one answered.

"Pick up the phone....damn it..." Neil said dialling his number again.

One ring...two ring...three ring..four...and finally it got answered.

"Hello..hello..Dd Avni...she is in the hospital..I am sending you the address just reach there and handle her. " Neil said immediately without giving him any chance to say.

" Neil...Neil...control yourself I..I am reaching there okay just try to be calm." Dd said hearing his worried voice.

"Stop this calm and all thing just reach there" Neil shouted

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