Caring Neil

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"Wifey" saying this he leaned on her keeping his head on her shoulder.

What's done with him today, hugging me like this??

What has stuck into his mind today??

Why he's behaving like this??

God please help me.

"Ne..Neil leave me please" she said

"Why?" he asked

Why....what why?

"Neil leave me I need to get ready" she said trying to move away from him but he clutched her waist over her top ,not letting her move and started to nuzzle on her shoulder making it difficult for her to control her emotion.

"Neil...leave me please someone will come please" she pleaded him to leave.

"So what you are my wife, wifey" he said still busy in nuzzling

"Ne...." Avni started but was cut off by a maid who came there.

"Mam Mr. and Mrs. Khanna.."She started was stopped seeing them so close to each other.

Avni stared the maid wide eyes and tried moved away from Neil making him groan.

"Yes" She said still trying to free herself from him but he held her more sharply.

"Mam...woh..Mr. and Mrs. Khanna are here" informing this maid ran away from there.

"See what you did now how will I face them. "she said

"So what let them see and about showing face do you have any other face, to face them" he said raising his one eyebrow teasingly making her more frustrated.

" know what I...I don't want to talk with you" She said while trying to free herself from him but he didn't bulged a bit.

"Neil...leave me" She said struggling in his hold.

"I will never leave you, now come let's go "He said kissing her left cheek and dragged her with him.

"Good evening dad good evening mom" he greeted them with a smile.

"How are you both" he asked while hugging his father then his mother.

"We are good son how are you both" Shweta asked while creasing his back lovingly then looked at Avni with a smile who was standing staring trio little emotionally as she too remembered her parents when she heard her.

"Come here child why are you standing there" Shweta said opening her arms for her.

Avni hugged her smiling brightly. And then went toward Prakash who put his hand on her head as blessing nodding at her smilingly.




Avni was sitting with Shweta having some random chats when a maid came to ask to arrange dinner.

"Ma you rest here I will just come in a bit " Avni said getting but stopped hearing her.

"Avni wait let me also help you" Shweta said while getting up.

"No maa you musr be tired from the journey let me do it" Avni said

"Naah putter I will get bored sitting here with these businessmen so let me come with you" Shweta said pointing toward Neil and Prakash who were busy in there business talk.

"Okay but promise me that you will juat sit there comfortably" Avni said making her smile.

"Okay grandmother" shweta said chuckling

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