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Grace's POV:

"I'm gonna miss you a lot" I said hugging my mom tightly. I was leaving to New York because I got accepted in NYU which is an amazing thing. I have always dreamed of studying there because it has really good education.

I was really nervous about the fact that I might not get accepted in it since the acceptance rate is really low in it so when I got the email that made my heart to start beating faster from how excited I was, I felt really happy about it because well, my life hasn't been the best in high school and in general.

I kissed my younger sister's cheek as I crouched down to her level. I smiled and put some hair behind her ear "I'm gonna miss you" she said looking down at me. Tears filled my eyes and I hugged her "I'm gonna miss you too Becky but we're gonna FaceTime everyday remember?"

She nodded and I pulled back from the hug "I'll visit when I can and tell mama to bring you to me sometimes so we can watch a movie together" I said whispering it to her. Becky let out a small laugh and nodded "okay"

I stood up and looked back at my mom, I waved my hand at her and walked towards the entrance of the airport. My mom blew me a kiss and I saw tears coming down her cheek.

Like I always do, I acted like I caught the kiss and put it in my pocket "for later" I mouthed to her.

I took my boarding tickets, got done with all the luggage then went to sit in a coffee shop until my gate opens.

Looking around the crowded airport seeing happy families, friends and kids running around makes me happy but at the same time reminds me of my life which isn't really good.

My life isn't necessarily bad all the time, I just had a really rough past. I lost all my friends because of stupid rumors that were made about me in high school from the same person who used to bully me all the time, since freshman year till my senior year.

Ellie Miller, the girl who always was my enemy. I don't hate her but for some reason she does. She made my life a living hell, she was the reason I lost all of my friends, she was the reason I was always left out in school, she was the reason for making my high school year a living hell.

To me, she is a very attractive woman. I always found her very charming but the way she treated me made me not like her in any way and you wouldn't like her if you were in my place.

Everyone knew she was the girl all the ladies wanted..And all the men but she's a lesbian and an intersex woman.

Some guys kept making fun of her for having a dick even though she always fought back, I still felt a little bad for her.

Yes, I hate her very much but I would never miss gender her or make fun of her for things she can't control. I never fought back because I just felt like whatever I say she would've won the argument.

I suffer from depression, atypical depression in specific because I saw my dad die right in front of me when I was 14, he was murdered and thank god the guy who killed him was found and is now in jail for the next 20 years.

Having atypical depression is hard but I'm not always feeling tired, sad or any of those things because it depends more on the events and right now I'm happy because I'm going to study in my dream college.

I take pills for it so it helps me more but hopefully nothing gets bad when I'm in New York so it doesn't get bad again or hopefully I don't get a depressive episode because it's not going to help with my studying at all.

I heard that my gate opened so I stood up, put my backpack on and walked towards it. I stood in the line and waited for my turn.

"Hi" I said to the woman. She smiled at me and I gave her my boarding ticket and my passport. She did her things then gave it to me "enjoy your flight ma'am" she said kindly.

It's going to be a 2 hours flight since it's from Georgia which is my home town to New York.

I got to my seat, putting my backpack under the chair in front of me and sitting down. I put my seatbelt on and already had my AirPods in.

I started playing my playlist and closed my eyes wanting to get some sleep.


I woke up after like 30 minutes because I wasn't really comfortable and my neck hurt a little. I opened the window and the sun was shining and it was 10am.

I felt a tap on my shoulder making me take one of my AirPods out and look at the person "hi ma'am, would you like something to drink?" The flight attendant asked.

"Just some coffee please" she nodded and gave it to me. I took my notebook out with a pencil and started drawing the view outside. I like drawing, it makes me feel relaxed and happy. I know how to exactly draw things I see like a person or anything and I do it with details.

It's my favorite thing to do in my free time because it's just really fun and brings peace to me as I listen to some music while doing it.

I finished drawing and noticed that we have only 20 minutes till we land. I put my things back in my bag and kept listening to music, waiting for the plane to finally land.

Buildings from New York started appearing and were very obvious if you look out of the window. I smiled unintentionally at the fact that I'm living the life I wanted, studying where I always wanted to study.

Life can be really bad but it has it's ups and downs, I had a lot of downs and I got to the point where I felt like nothing would ever make me happy again but I waited and waited and things did get better eventually.

Remembering that my life won't always be the same made me keep going even if I felt like I couldn't but I did and now happiness is filling my life and it's all I needed after what happened to me.

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