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Grace's POV

It's going to feel so wrong because I kissed Camila today but..her being this close to me and the thought of her doing things to me just sounds and feels right.

"You sure about that? Your little girl toy might be a little sad after she hears that I fucked her girl" I sighed when I felt her hand rub me from out of my pants, I shook my head "I'm not her girl"

"That's right.." she put her hand in my pants and rubbed my clit from out of my panties teasingly "..you're mine"

god I just want her to do me already.

"Who said I'm yours?" I asked, knowing it'll piss her off which is what I want because rough and angry sex just sounds amazing since well..I only had sex once but hey, pornhub.

"I did" she said, her finger putting more pressure on my clit. I closed my eyes as moans escaped my mouth "at least you'll be screaming my name by the end of the night"

She pulled her hand out of my pants and I couldn't resist anymore, I smashed my lips on hers for an aggressive and rough kiss.

Her hands went down to my thighs, lifting one and making me wrap it around her waist. I jumped in her arms, wrapping my arms around her neck, my legs around her waist as I kissed her.

She walked us to her room probably, placing me down on the bed, not breaking the kiss.

She pulled back after a while and took off her shirt and pulled down her sweatpants, her print showing from her boxers, her abs very obvious to me as she was wearing a hot Calvin Klein sports bra.

"Like what you see princess?" She asked as she held the waistband of my pants, pulling it down slowly "yeah, I like it a lot"

I saw smile as she stared at my center, my panties still on. I sat up and pulled my shirt above my head and laid back down, looking down at Ellie kissing the inner of my thigh softly, getting closer to my center with every kiss.

"Please take it off" I begged, she looked up at me and smirked "beg again and I'll do it"

"Please.." I said quietly, not breaking eye contact with her. She smiled and pulled my panties down, the cold air hitting my clit making me sigh and close my eyes.

I felt her tongue go in between my wet folds, looking up slowly and teasingly until she got to my clit, placing a soft gentle kiss on it.

I didn't feel her touching me anymore so I opened my eyes and looked at her. She opened the drawer and took a condom out. She stood up and pulled her boxers down, her dick being fully exposed to me which is easily 10 inches.


I bit my lip and sat up, resting on my left elbow making my hair fall to the left side as I reached out to her shaft with my right hand, she was very close to the bed considering she was right in front of the night stand.

She noticed what I was going to do so she held my wrist and got on the bed, laying down and getting comfortable on the bed.

I took my lip in between my teeth and sat on between her legs on my knees. I rubbed her softly and saw the pre-cum inside of the condom.

I locked up her shaft, giving her tip a gentle suck then I straddled her, still not letting her inside of me.

She sat up and held her shaft with her right hand as her other hand was on my ass. I slowly went down on her, moaning loudly at the feeling.

She let go of the shaft and put her right hand on my ass, reaching out for her phone on the night stand and putting some music on quickly then giving me her full attention again.

"Come on, take all of me" she said pushing me down on her, making me tilt my head back and groan in pleasure and pain.

"Oh yeah.." she mumbled, her hands going to my hips and gripping it, making me move on her slowly.

I looked at her and started bouncing on her, making her smile on satisfaction as she looked down at where we connected.

"You're so big" I moaned out, wrapping my arms around her neck and placing my forehead on hers, looking deeply into her eyes as moans left my mouth "tell me something I don't know"

"Cocky much?" I asked sarcastically. She raised her eyebrows and thrusted up inside of me, making me throw my head back and moan loudly as she did it a couple of more times "I'll show you who the cocky person you're talking about"

She flipped us over and wrapped her hand around my throat as she moved in and out of me. She smirked seeing me moan loudly "you like that don't you?"

"You like how I fuck you, don't you?" I wasn't able to answer because I couldn't stop moaning. She was extremely good at what she was doing and I just couldn't shut up for even one second.

"Answer me" she demanded, I moaned and my back started arching "yes I like how you fuck me" I struggled to let that one sentence out of my mouth because I felt my orgasm start to build up inside of me.

"I'm so close" I screamed, pleasure filling my body. I heard her let out a groan and she stopped holding my throat. She put both of my legs over her shoulders and thrusted harder in me.

"Fuck..look at me when you cum" she said but I didn't listen because I can barely even open my eyes or even look towards her, I just had my head thrown back on the pillow the whole time.

I felt her hardly hold my chin, I opened my eyes to see her looking at me with anger in her eyes "when I tell you to do something you do it or I swear.." she slowed her movement down "..I will stop now and leave you frustrated for being edged"

"I'm sorry, please go faster please!" I screamed desperately. She laughed and nodded, going faster while still holding my chin.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my legs started shaking, warm cum going on her covered dick "fuck" I heard her mumble, letting go of my chin and pulling out of me "that felt good, didn't it?" She asked.

"Amazing, it felt amazing" she smiled and took the condom off, throwing it in the trash and dropping on the bed next to me "now my turn, head is all I'm asking for"

I laughed and sat up "yes ma'am"

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