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Grace's POV

"Okay are you ready?" Ellie asked, coming into my room. I nodded my head and looked towards her. She was wearing some baggy black pants, a white t-shirt and a red flannel over it, her rings on both of her hands as she let her hair fall down her shoulders.

I was wearing boyfriend jeans, black crop top and a white flannel over it "ay we're kinda matching" she said pointing to the flannel, I laughed and nodded "yeah we are"

I was going to take my suitcase and leave my room but she stopped me "go to the car and I'll bring the bags" she said, her hand on top of mine that held the bag as she bent down a little, her face on the same level as mine.

"Okay" I said hesitantly. I knew she wasn't going to let me help her so I gave up before having to argue.

She smiled and nodded "okay leave now" she said making me laugh. I left the room and looked back, seeing her with her hands on her hips as she looked at me with her eyebrows raised "okay okay I'll leave"

I left the dorm and saw Courtney and Camila already in the car. Camila in the driver's seat as Courtney was in the passenger seat.

I got in the backseat "hey" I said smiling. Camila smiled and looked back at me "you look good" she said. I laughed and pecked her lips "you do too"

We waited for Ellie who came downstairs after a bit, putting the suitcases in the trunk and getting in the backseat with me. She threw her backpack in the trunk and closed the door "let's go" Ellie said.

Camila started the car and drove away. We were laughing and talking while low volumed music played on the radio. Me and Courtney mostly laughing at Ellie and Camila who kept constantly fighting over the dumbest things.

I looked at Ellie "bitch don't even. I will drop kick you right now" Ellie threatened Camila who stopped the car in the middle of the road "I fucking dare you" I laughed and tapped Camila's shoulder "keep driving baby"

"You gotta stop before someone behind us loses their patience from how many times you pressed the break out of no where" Ellie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms "caramel popcorn is still better than salt popcorn-" she said quietly, making us look at her. She shrugged her shoulders "what?! I gotta prove my point"

"There is literally no point to be proven. You guys are just kids fighting over which popcorn is better" I said. Courtney nodded in agreement "literally just get mixed popcorn and stop this stupid argument"

"Tell that hoe to shut up then" Ellie said. Camila stopped the car again and turned to look at Ellie "this hoe is driving, don't make me drive into a wall" Camila said.

I laughed "if you guys are gonna keep doing this shit then I'm driving" I said. Both Ellie and Camila shook their heads "absolutely not" "oh fuck no" they both said.

I gasped "you guys disagreed on everything but this huh?" Camila turned around slowly and drove away. I looked at Ellie who just looked out the window trying to avoid eye contact "don't look at me Jesus. I can feel fire on my neck" Ellie said.

"Stay like this for the whole ride and we'll all get to the cabin alive" I said, they nodded their heads "let's just listen to some music" Courtney said, turning the volume up.


"Hey come here.." I felt Ellie hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked at her, she smiled and helped me lay down and put my head on her lap.

I groaned and stretched my neck considering I was in a really uncomfortable position while I was asleep.

I looked up at her as she looked down at me, feeling her nails running through my hair softly, giving me head scratches as she kept a smile on her face "we still have time. Get some sleep and I'll wake you up when we're there"

I smiled and nodded, closing my eyes "okay"


"Hey pretty girl" I heard someone say quietly while rubbing my cheek. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes "come on, we're here" Ellie said.

I sat up and saw that Camila and Courtney were already out of the car taking their things from the trunk. Ellie opened the door and got out and I followed behind her.

I put my backpack over my shoulders and took my suitcase. I went towards Courtney and Camila who were standing by the door and we walked in.

"How do they have the key?" I asked Ellie "we stopped by the person who owns this cabin, paid him and he gave us the key to it. You were asleep" I nodded and continued walking.

I looked around and it was..perfect. The living room was big and the windows give us a perfect view of the trees and flowers outside, the kitchen being opened on the living room as there was a fireplace and a tv hung above it. There was a sliding glass door that leads outside where there is porch with four chairs and a small table.

You could see trees and flowers everywhere just like you're in a forest just more beautifully. We went to check the rooms and entered one of them, it had a kind sized bed, a closet, a bathroom and a mirror. It was simple but nice. Same with the rest of the rooms.

We went to the living room and sat down on the couch "so who's gonna stay with who?" Courtney asked "me and Camila, you and Ellie. That's the thing that makes sense since me and Camila are dating"

They didn't look happy, Ellie looked like she would punch someone and it was just awkward silence for a second "sounds perfect to me" Camila said, taking my hand "let's get our things done then we'll eat dinner"

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