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Ellie's POV

I walked out of my room and it was like 2pm. I was so tired yesterday and sleeping was my only escape from reality.

"What is she doing here?" I asked Courtney, Grace and Camila who were sitting down on the couch with Amani on the couch in front of them.

"Give me a chance to explain-" i shook my head and walked towards the door, opening it "leave please" I said not looking at her.

"El.." I looked towards Grace who stood up and walked towards me "..please sit down and listen to what she has to say..we did and I think it'll make you feel better"

"She left me Grace. You don't understand how much that hurts" I said, not even sounding angry, just sad "just listen and do whatever you want please" she put her hand on my arm and smiled, I sighed and nodded "okay"

I sat down and Grace sat down next to me. I looked at Amani and crossed my arms, sitting back on the couch "okay, say what you want"

"First I'm sorry for everything. I know it's hard-" I shook my head and cut her off "save that. Just explain"

"Me and your dad were in love with each other but I have a Muslim strict family. I had to keep it a secret and me and him used to..you know do things and this one day we got the news that we're having you, I knew my family wouldn't like to hear that I got pregnant without marriage and that I'm dating a person they didn't want me to date.."

"..he proposed, the whole thing where he had to ask for my hand in marriage with his family and talk to my family, that type of shit but they didn't agree and told him that I was going to marry an Arab Muslim man that is like us but me and my siblings didn't believe in things my parents believed in and each one of us had their problem but they solved it eventually.."

"..when the baby bump started to show I had to say something to them so I did and they were..extremely mad at me. They didn't want me to have abortion because they don't support that nor did I want to have it. They said that I had to give you to adoption after I give birth. Your dad said he could take care of you but they just didn't want us to have you in our arms they wanted us to suffer"

I teared up "why didn't you leave the house?" I asked her "I was 17 and I was still under their control whatsoever. They controlled me and when I turned 18 I went to live with your dad. We tried to find you but we couldn't, I don't know why but we just wouldn't find you. We spent years tracking every adoption center and foster care center but we couldn't find you because I was living in the Middle East and then we moved to the U.S and apparently they kept moving you to countries when you were young"

"At 13 we found you at foster care but before we even got to meet you they said you refused to come and you were the kind of kid to stay alone in a corner so no one sees them and that you didn't want to come with us but we tried and tried again and again until..until they said that you weren't in foster care anymore"

"Yeah she left to live with me-" I looked at Courtney and she stopped talking, realizing that Amani knows what's going on "do you love me?" I asked looking back at her.

Amani laughed and nodded "I love you so much, you don't even understand how much I love you. All I want is for my pretty daughter to be in my arms" I stood up and she looked at me, feeling sad and thinking I want her to leave so she stood up "I know you might not want me here or that you don't believe what I said but I truly love-" I just hugged her tightly.

"Promise me you'll never leave" I said still hugging her as tears of happiness came down my face "I promise you I never will"

After a few minutes of hugging, the girls left and went outside to give me and my mom some privacy. I sat down and tapped the space next to me with a smile on my face.

My mom sat down and I put my head on her shoulder "you and dad are married right?" She hummed as her hand made it's way to my hair, playing with it softly "then how did you lose contact with him?"

"He's in the army and we used to call at a specific time everyday but he stopped answering my calls" she said, I looked at her "you don't think something might have happened to him right?" I asked.

She took a deep breathe and shook her head "I'm praying nothing happened to him, I don't think I'll be able to live anymore. I'm so in love with him, my love for him never changed since I was 14..never"

I smiled and put my head on her shoulder again "I wish the person I love loves me back or even talks about me the way you talk about dad"

"It's that redhead isn't it?" I looked up at her, not knowing if she accepts me or not "I knew it I swear to god I knew it" she said making me frown "you're okay with me being gay?"

"Dude me and your dad bet on your sexuality, are you kidding?" I laughed at what she said "did he say I'd be straight?" I asked her, she shook her head "no. I bet on full on lesbian and he bet on bisexual with preference for woman"

"This feels good. Knowing my family accepts me" I said making her smile "and I couldn't be more proud of you for being who you are sweetie"

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