Anniversary (extra)

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Suggested by @littlemonster727

The extra chapters are gonna be like oneshots. Not gonna make so much trouble maybe a fight or two but it won't keep going for the whole ass extra chapters because I think you guys had enough torture in this story.

Most of them won't be related to each other but if there is another part to it, it'll have it in the title of the chapter.

Ellie's POV

I had an amazing plan for my anniversary with Grace.

We finally completed one year together. One year with pure joy and happiness with the love of my life. I've never been happier.

But I had to make this anniversary very special for her and I tried my best so I really hope she likes it.

We were in the car right now, her hand was tightly gripping mine making me laugh at how nervous she was because I had her eyes blindfolded.

"I promise you're gonna like it" I said taking a quick glance at her then back to the road.

At least I was hoping she'll like it. I just want to make her feel less nervous.

We got to the hotel and I parked my car. I got out and went to her side, opening the door for her and taking her hand to lead her to the room I got for us.

After we got in the room I made her stop before we got to anywhere else so she can see everything I did for her.

I took the blindfold off her eyes and waited for her to say anything. I was standing behind her with my hands on her waist as she looked around "there is more at the bedroom.." I took her hand and started leading her through the roses I put on the floor as a trail to our bed.

It had a heart made of roses, some candles on the nightstand and two empty glasses with a bottle of red wine next to it.

"What do you think?" I asked her. She turned to look at me and cupped my face, kissing me which made me feel relieved that she liked what I did for her.

I held her waist and pulled her closer to me with a smile on my face as I kept kissing her.

"I love it" she said after pulling back. I smiled and interlocked my fingers with hers "there is still one little part of the surprise that I didn't show you"

I pulled her towards the balcony and opened the curtains then opened the sliding glass door, stepping out to the balcony with her hand still in mine.

She looked at the table I asked the hotel to set up for me with some food that arrived not so long ago so it doesn't get cold. It was a cute romantic date I wanted to have with her since it's our anniversary.

I told her that she can do whatever she wants for the anniversary but nothing past 8pm because that's the time for my surprise.

She woke me up with breakfast in bed. We went to a beautiful place she seemed to know. We went to play with Coco in a park then went to get lunch.

It was so magical.

I went towards the table and pulled the chair out for her. She smiled and sat down as I pushed the chair a little. I sat down in front of her and kept looking at her.

Even under low and bad lightening, she manages to look mesmerizing and beautiful.

This woman is so perfect and I can't believe she's actually mine.

I'm so lucky.

We talked and ate our food, having the best day in our life or like my life, I'm not sure if it's her best day ever but I know that it's mine.

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