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Ellie's POV

"Who's the guy at the store though? Malik I think you called him" I said still having my head on her shoulder "he's my brother, I'm a year older than him"

We kept talking and trying to catch up "who's that little guy over there?" I looked to where she pointed to see Coco looking at us with only her eyes peeking from behind the counter, she looked adorable.

"That's my princess. Come here baby" I said tapping my lap. She whimpered and stayed behind the counter. I stood up and carried her, sitting down next to my mom again and keeping Coco in my lap.

She looked at my mom who smiled and rubbed her head gently. Coco got more comfortable so she stood up and started moving her tail while my mom was petting her.

"I'm not a mattress Coco" I said laughing, seeing her jumping around on me "this is your grandma princess" I said, my mom looked at me with her eyebrows raised "so you're her mother?" She asked me and I nodded "yep. Coco Miller"

"Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt.." we looked towards Grace and a smile formed on my face as she was standing far away with us with her fingers interlocked with each other "..I wanted to ask you about what you wanted to eat. I know that Ellie eats now so i thought maybe you'd want to eat with her"

I smiled and blushed at what she said. She remembers when I like eating which is at like 3-4pm. This girl got me focusing on every word she says just so I can find something that gives me hope of her loving me back but they're really rare..it just hurts.

"Yeah of course. You can order what you want for us, I'm sure Ellie won't mind" Grace smiled and nodded, looking at me "don't worry, I won't order something you don't like" she reassured me making me smile and nod my head.

She left again and I sighed, feeling a little sad that she left "you really love her huh?" I looked at my mom who had Coco laying on her lap "what is love mom?"

I put my head on her shoulder as she sighed "love..my definition of love is when the other person's happiness is more important than mine. It's when you think about solving their problems not caring about your own. It's when you look at something and just think of them. It's when you remember things other people won't remember about them..it's when you feel lost without them"

"These things make you know that your heart flutters for that person wether you think you like them, love them or are in love with them..you'll just be..so in love with them"

"So there is a different between love and in love?" I asked looking up at her. She nodded her head "the difference between 'like', 'love' and 'in love' is the same as the difference between 'for now' , 'for a while' and 'forever' "

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"What if she doesn't love me back? Does that mean I have to stop loving her?" I asked putting my head on her shoulder and moving closer to her "you can't just stop loving someone. Love is so beautiful and it comes so unconditionally from out of the blue but don't hurt yourself while seeing her with someone else.." I looked towards the glass door to see Grace laughing with Camila.

"..it'll be hard because it's like the more you get closer to them the more it hurts and you live with her" I frowned and looked away from the glass door "I just want her to know how much I love her but I ruined things before they even started"

I looked down and rubbed Coco's head "I just want to make her happy and feel good about herself, unlike that Camila bitch that keeps flirting with everyone she sees in front of her..I would never do that to Grace if we were ever together"

"I wouldn't be looking at anyone else if I had Grace. I would just have my eyes on her, admiring her, thinking about what's going on in her head and if she's happy or not. I would do the impossible to make her smile"

my mom stayed silent so I looked up at her to see her smiling "that's your definition of love Ellie"

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