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Grace's POV

"Thank you for the coffee..date" I said shyly, looking down and not looking into Camila's eyes. I heard her let out a laugh "of course Grace"

I looked up at her and bit my lip in frustration. She took a step closer to me, her hand coming up to my cheek and rubbing it softly "I-I have to go inside now" I stuttered out, feeling nervous from how close she was to me and how she was softly touching me.

"Okay" she said quietly, her eyes focusing on my lips. I felt a blush form on my cheeks but I couldn't resist her, all I thought about in that moment was how her lips would feel on mine.

I stood on the top of my toes, cupping her face gently and connecting my lips with hers. I felt her hands on my waist, pulling me closer to her as she moved her lips in sync with mine.

I smiled into the kiss then pulled back, my nose still touching hers "maybe you can come inside with me?" I asked. She smiled "I'd love that"

I opened the door, my fingers interlocked with hers. I walked in the apartment, seeing Ellie sitting on the couch "hey- oh you again" she said seeing Camila with me.

She looked down at our hands that were interlocked, her eyebrows forming into a frown as she hardly swallowed, hard enough for me to notice it.

"So what's up with you two?" She asked with a smile on her face. She stood up and put her hands in the pocket of her sweatpants "nothing. We just got back from our first date"

I looked at Camila and smiled, looking back at Ellie who's smile became fake, she struggled to even keep it on her face and it was obvious.

"Oh well, I don't want to ruin the day for the two of you so I'll just leave and come back after a few hours" she said taking the key to the apartment and giving us a small smile as she walked towards the door.

She opened the door "why is she being nice?" Camila asked me when Ellie left. I shrugged and kept looking at the door, for some reason I wanted her to stay here and not leave for me and Camila.

"Should we maybe..go to your room and do what you wanted" Camila said pulling me closer to her. I looked at her and smiled weakly "I'm not really in the mood. I was but i just feel bad that Ellie had to leave for us"

I did want to do something with Camila, I really did but seeing Ellie walk out was weird and it made me feel bad.

"Oh yeah it's fine..do you maybe wanna cuddle and watch a movie?" She asked, I smiled "I think it's better if you go home now, it's almost midnight and we can watch the movie tomorrow, I just gotta sleep" almost midnight? It's literally 9:30.

"Yeah well you don't have to give me excuses cause I know that's what you're doing right now" she said looking down, a sad expression on her face but still a small fake smile "no I just- I didn't want to make you think like you did something wrong"

"It's okay. Um have a good night" she said walking towards the door, opening it and leaving.

I sighed and went to get some water. I took a sip from the bottle and rested both of my hands on the counter of the kitchen, closing my eyes and tilting my head down. I have to fuck everything up, I can't have anything nice.

I felt arms wrap around my me from behind which caught me by surprise so I turned around to see Ellie with her hands still placed on my waist "what happened?" She asked.

"Why do you care?" I pushed her back and walked towards my room but before I even took a few more steps, I felt her hold my arm and turn me around, she pinned me against the wall and kept her body close to mine as my hand was pinned above my head.

"Don't walk away like that.." she said quietly. Her body was really close, it was touching mine almost every inch of my body was touching hers.

She let go of my wrist, her hand moving down to my cheek, rubbing it softly as she looked down at my lips "you look sad"

"I'm not sad" I was calm and I didn't move, having her this close to me felt nice.

"Did she do something?" Ellie asked, backing away and going back to her mean self. The bitch face coming back on her face, the tone..she knows how to fake things, that's for sure.

"No she didn't, you did" I said back. She raised her eyebrows "and how did I do something?"

"You acted all nice and sad when you saw me with someone else. You walking out like that made me feel bad and then you just walked back in a few minutes later..like you fucking knew I would feel bad and tell her to leave!"

She clenched her jaw and got closer to me, her hand wrapping around my throat and pinning my against the wall "first of all don't fucking cuss at me ever again.." her grip around my throat wasn't hard, it actually..turned me on.

"..second of all yes I did that so she would walk out because I don't like her and I certainly don't like seeing you with her" she said. She let go of my throat but stayed close to me "why don't you?"

"Because I have a bad feeling about her" she said, her eyes looking down at my lips then back to my eyes "is that the only reason?"

She shook her head, going to my ear "I want to show you what real pleasure is..I wanna make sure you know what you deserve to be feeling" she whispered, lowly and seductively.

"Then show me"

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