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Grace's POV:

I just got in a taxi so I can get to the dorms of my college. I didn't choose who I wanted because I don't know anyone so they're probably going to give me a random person which I don't mind, hopefully me and them become friends.

"We're here ma'am" I nodded and gave the taxi his money. I got out, taking my backpack then going to the trunk to take my suitcase.

I smiled looking at the buildings. I was told to go to one of the buildings since they have the dorms and classes in separate buildings.

I walked in and saw a woman sitting on a chair in the hall "hi?" I said making her look at me. She smiled "hey, do you need help with anything?" She asked standing up and walking towards me.

I nodded "actually I just got here and I wanted to know where I could get a key to my dorm" I asked her. She nodded and went behind the table, opening one of the drawers.

She brought a paper out and a pen "your name please" she said "Grace Rodriguez" I said. She nodded and looked for my name in the list "here is your key" she said giving me a key.

"Your dorm is on the third floor number 37. I'm still not sure who's staying with you but you can go there and unpack your stuff if you want to" I kept a smile on my face which never left and nodded to what she said "thank you so much"

I went to the elevator, going to the third floor. I went to my dorm, unlocking the door and walking in. I turned the lights on and looked around the place.

I put my suitcase next to the door and closed it, making sure to lock it and take the key. I walked around the place, checking the rooms.

There were two rooms obviously and a bathroom in the hallway of these two rooms. Both of the doors of the rooms face each other but there is a space in between has the bathroom in it. The bathroom is pretty big too and the living room too.

It just had the decent things, a couch, a tv and a table in front of the couch which was for at least four people.

The kitchen was right next to the living room and it was pretty big also had the decent things for a kitchen.

I took my suitcase and took one of the rooms, hoping my roommate is not going to say anything but I mean..both of the rooms are exactly the same so I don't think they would.

I opened my suitcase, taking the bed sheets out alongside the sheets for the pillows. The bed was queen size which was really good, it fits for two people.

I finished with the sheets then started putting my clothes in the closet.

I've never been so happy in my life, I'm living my dream, exactly the way I wanted to live it. I've had so much going on in my life after my dad passed away. I had to take care of my sister and mother since my mom got in a really bad mental state after he passed away.

My sister wasn't as affected as we were considering she was just 3 years old. I took care of her until my mom got herself back together but I still had to work in a part time job because I didn't want my mom to be exhausted by work and I wanted to help..mostly trying not to think of what I saw.

The way the blood was everywhere while he was laying there on the ground, no pulse or breathing. I didn't care that there was anyone and just ran to him, even if the guy who killed him was still there but i didn't care what would've happened to me after what I saw.

It was just me and my dad at home, we were supposed to have a movie night together but things went downhill so fast.

When I saw that my dad wasn't breathing, I looked at the guy who looked at least 19 and was really scared. I ran towards him and just started hitting him even if my hits didn't affect him at all, I just felt like I had to take it out on someone then I heard police cars outside.

They caught him and my dad was taken to the hospital immediately. He was shot in the head so nothing would've helped him.

The moment my mom heard about it which was after the police men called her, she made sure I was okay but I was shaking and crying uncontrollably the whole time. She tried to keep herself together but when she hugged me, she broke down.

I shook my head trying to get the negative thoughts out of my head "you're trying to be happy, don't think of the bad stuff..you're trying to get yourself back together" I said standing up and getting my backpack from the living room.

I took my pills out, putting them in the drawer that was in the nightstand. I put the charger and put everything in place. I finished unpacking everything in a couple of hours then I decided to go get things from the grocery store.

I took my key and my phone, going downstairs and seeing the same woman still there "hey" she said, I smiled and nodded "hey"

"How did you like your dorm?" She asked. I smiled and nodded "it's amazing, thank you for asking also is there any super market close?" I asked her. She nodded "actually there is one in the second building" she stood up and walked towards the door and I followed her.

"You see that building behind the fence, yeah that one. You need to go to the right then just walk straight, you'll find the entrance of the building then you look to your right and you'll find the super market. It has mostly everything but it's better for the students here since they give you 25% off if you live in one of the dorms"

"Thank you miss.." I said stopping, not knowing what her name is "you can call me Kennedy" I smiled and nodded my head "thank you Kennedy"

I walked to where she told me and saw the store. I walked in. I picked out some stuff, eggs, pancakes, Red Bull, some snacks like chips, candy and chocolate. I brought a lot of different things because I don't know who my roommate is and what they like to eat.

I'm hoping to become their friend and start knowing things about them then maybe I'll know what they like.

I payed for the stuff and went back to my dorm. I put the stuff in the kitchen and noticed that there was a suitcase in the living room.

I smiled and straighten my shirt "I have no fucking idea why they didn't put me with you.." I looked behind me to see who was talking, meeting the eyes I thought coming here would make me avoid them.

My smile immediately died seeing the girl that made my life a living hell and her best friend.

"You have got to be kidding me"

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